At POLIMI Graduate School of Management – formerly MIP Politecnico di Milano – we design our MBAs to give you a complete overview of a company or enterprise and all the skills you’ll need both today and in the future. We are not just offering highly flexible and customised programmes; we are offering you the best learning experience possible.

International New Generation Full-Time MBA 

Unlock leadership with POLIMI's MBA—more than an education, it's a transformative journey to master management skills and purpose-driven decision-making.

Duration: 12 months full-time


Why choose this Programme?

Excellent Careers Service: over 90% employed within 3 months post-graduation, salaries doubled.

Ranked 6th for the “International Course Experience” by the Financial Times Global MBA 2024, 26th in Europe for MBA Specialisations and Business Masters and 27th in Europe for Class & Faculty Diversity by QS 2024.

  • Give yourself the chance to explore the power of Purpose as a primary motivator of decisions in your life and work activities, which amplifies its value in purpose-driven organisations. Dive into an expansive network of elite companies, nationally and internationally celebrated, that don't just contribute to our programme: they're an integral part of it.
  • Participate in guest lectures, business simulations, and company visits, which will enable you to see at first hand the practical application of the content and tools you have studied in the Core Courses in General Management.
  • Take advantage of our Career Development Centre to build a personalised career path in an international corporate world, while creating your own valuable network through close contact with a wide range of business sectors, consultancies, entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Capitalise on the trailblazing ethos in entrepreneurship which sets us apart, making our graduates the go-to leaders in the market, so joining the many students and alumni who consistently applaud our innovative spirit.
  • Craft your MBA journey with specialisations that speak to your ambitions, whether in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Startup Development, Digital Transformation & Big Data, Luxury & Design Management, or Global & Sustainable Management. Your 12-month tailor-made Master awaits.

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International Part-Time MBA

Elevate your career trajectory while you work: this is your gateway to global recognition, designed to fit seamlessly into your life, with no break required.

Duration: 20 months part-time


Why choose this Programme?

Internationally recognised qualification

No career break needed

  • Join a truly experiential MBA that will let you learn the most attractive and important trends through practical activities one weekend per month! Through workshops, hackathons, guest speakers, and company visits, you will discover that every moment is a new opportunity to learn!
  • Embark on a global journey with our immersive International Weeks, set against the backdrop of Europe’s most dynamic cities. Revel in a rich tapestry of cultures as you join a diverse network of peers from across the globe and learn from the best international faculty. It’s not just an education, it’s the world in a classroom!
  • Transform weekends into a powerhouse of learning with guest lectures, real-world business simulations, and immersive company visits that turn theory into practice.
  • Attend your Career Development Programme: you’ll engage in a customised transformative process where we will help you to develop your career strategy action plan! Our experiential labs are designed to transform your aspirations into plans where you will acquire the skills demanded by today’s workplaces.
  • Discover a programme that’s crafted around your unique vision and ambitions. Here, it’s not just about the skills: it’s about igniting your personal mission and defining your proper “why” for each action.

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Dual-Degree MBA 

With this program, you earn a dual degree: an MBA diploma from POLIMI Graduate School of Management and a Master of Business Administration from John Cabot University

Two AACSB-certified institutions, plus a dual contact system to expand your professional network.

Duration: 12 months full time 


Why choose it?

Experience the charm of the Eternal City: from the heart of Rome towards your global career. 

Dual network of professional and alumni connections

  • Immerse yourself in the historic grandeur of Rome. Here, your studies are infused with the city's timeless allure, offering an authentic Italian experience while connecting with a diverse international network. Embrace a learning journey that harmoniously blends cultural depth with a global perspective.
  • Experience a distinctive MBA, harmonizing technical prowess with liberal arts, born from the synergy between two renowned schools.
  • Cultivate a mindful and inventive mindset with the Consciousness & Creativity Path, a tailored journey to broaden your critical thinking with a focus on sustainable, global, and innovative practices.
  • Benefit from a dual network of contacts, maximizing your success opportunities through access to Career Development Centers and the alumni networks of both institutions. 

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