03 June 2024

Isabel Armas

Isabel Armas - POLIMI GSoM

At the conclusion of your MBA journey, how do you want to have a positive impact on the organisation you work for?

I am currently working in an international Italian company, so we come from diverse cultures. I try to have a positive impact in working and seeking with my colleagues the relevance and purpose in what we do. In such way, we find a common ground, and that gives us a sense of belonging to a team and wanting to perform better and effectively.

What are the main tools you have acquired during the MBA that have helped you become a purposeful leader? 

The importance of having an alignment regarding my comprehensive vision as a personal and professional. During the MBA, we work a lot on self-awareness, and especially to boost and develop our leadership in a more holistic way, being brave to face the constant changes that today occur with much greater speed, but at the same time with a greater capacity to convert them into opportunities.

03 June 2024

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