Innovation, Design & Project Management
12 months
Part Time
November 2022
Tuition Fee
€ 18500 (Individual)
€ 21500 (Companies)
Professional Experience
More than 3 years

Tel: +39 02 2399 2820


Are you a professional looking to give your Project Management skills a  boost and expand your global network? Then our International Executive Master in Project Management (ieMPM), in its international and digital learning format, is the master for you.

We give you a flexible and customisable formula, full of information and skills useful for a wide range of international certifications. For example, at the end of the training course, you will be qualified to take the IPMA® (International Project Management Association) Level D Certification Exam for Project Managers.

We at POLIMI GSoM have been a PMI Authorized Training Provider since 2021. That’s why our International Executive Master in Project Management students have the chance to get the training needed to do the PMP® certification exam.


POLIMI GSoM has become synonymous with the highest quality, internationally recognised technical and analytical knowledge. Today, we are also the main and most authoritative Italian school of project management.

We built the ieMPM from more than twenty years of evolution of our Master in Engineering and Contracting (MEC – eMEC) programme. Our Faculty is made up of professors from the Management Engineering department of the Politecnico di Milano. They have an academic career but at the same time constantly carry out research and consultancy activities for companies. We’re proud to work with such skilled professionals who bring together methodological rigour, innovative knowledge and management experience in such a unique way.


Take a leap of professional growth towards being one of the most requested high-profile figures on the job market: a Project Manager.

Our ieMPM is not just a great chance to boost your professionalism and get specialist training for the management and planning of a variety of complex projects.

We also get you in touch with Project Managers and leading companies that manage Italian and international projects. They are on hand to show you the lessons they learnt and the best/good practices coming from real-world projects and real-world application in companies.

If you study with us, you will also benefit from the support of our Career Development Office. This one-of-a-kind service is here to guide you in the recruitment process, helping you re-brand yourself and build up a solid professional network.

Last but not least, our international classrooms and English language content give you even more opportunities to develop your global network.


You will be able to customise and specialise your study plan, as you choose from a variety of elective courses that we offer. This way you can focus your training on topics that interest you or that are important for your professional growth.

We also constantly update our content and methods, following the evolution of Project Manager roles in diverse sectors, so we’ll always keep you ahead of the curve. You’ll also have the chance to learn to use some great eSoftware Tools, essential nowadays in many job profiles.


In this digital world, there’s no reason for your physical location and work commitments to affect your ability to learn. Maximise your flexibility without compromising your work activities, as we deliver everything to your fingertips with distance learning.

We make extensive use of interactive learning through business games, project work, case studies, group work, management testimonials and POLIMI GSoM’s smart learning platform.

Soft skills

Over the years, we’ve enhanced our ieMPM with a set of activities that develop your soft skills such as leadership, negotiation, and communication. You’ll also  do outdoor tasks with feedback on resilience, as well as agility tests on your ability to act in a multicultural context.

All of this is becoming more and more important for project management in today’s complex international context. As a project manager you’ll often find yourself managing work teams in high-stress conditions as you try to reach objectives.

That’s why skills like team building, managing stress and change, not to mention motivation boosting and personal resilience are all becoming increasingly essential.


Our Faculty is made up of professors from the Management Engineering department of the Politecnico di Milano. They have an academic career but at the same time constantly carry out research and consultancy activities for companies.

We also collaborate with professionals that have consolidated experience in the field of project management. They’re on hand to teach you the best/good practices coming from real-world projects and real-world applications in companies. This means you will have a highly hands-on approach with applicable lessons, exercises, group work and project work supervised by talented professors.

Maximise your flexibility through our dynamic format. Starting from 2021, you can choose to join the kick-off also online (if possible – depending on the type of activity)

You are an ideal candidate if  graduated in any discipline, and you already have work experience. We also accept non-graduates with significant work experience. 

 We are looking for people who want to develop the skills needed for planning, carrying out and controlling projects, and that are interested in improving performance and promoting change in their companies.

Our International Executive Master in Project Management is a 12-month part-time programme. It gives you the chance to experience an integrated and inter-functional managerial culture, supporting and training you to be ready for key roles of responsibility in the management of projects and related processes.

We use advanced training methods that are based on a smart-learning model. This is centred, above all, on remote live sessions, together with some face-to-face training. All our content can be used any time you like, kept up-to-date on the POLIMI GSoM platform which guarantees you extreme flexibility throughout your Master.

You can take part in courses:

In synchronous mode where you take part in live sessions on Tuesday and Thursday (7pm-9pm CET)
In asynchronous mode where you watch clips and recordings of our live sessions.

Our programme includes two full face-to-face weeks. The first one is Kick-off and outdood training, a strongly interactive experience though which you will develop your skills for team building, stress management, motivation building and personal resilience. While, the the second face-to-face week takes place later in the programme.


We’ve divided this Master into 5 separate educational areas:


  • Organisation Design
  • Finance
  • Accounting & Performance
  • Management
  • Business Process Management and Change 


  • Project Planning and Control
  • Project Risk Analysis and Management
  • Programme and Portfolio Management
  • Project Procurement
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Feasibility Analysis 



  • Teams and Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Intercultural Project Management
  • Smart communication


  • Talks with Top Managers
  • PM and Sustainability
  • Outdoor Activities
  • IPMA Certification


With us, you can follow your passions. To help you further personalise your study plan, we’ve created Elective options – just choose two or three modules (for a minimum of 6 ECTS) from our Elective Area based on your needs for professional growth and skill development.

Check out just a few of the options here:

Project Planning and Control: practice by tools
How to manage EPC and large Projects
How to build and manage virtual teams
Agile Project Management
PM for Designing Innovative Concepts

Please note that we activate electives only once we get a minimum number of participants.

These electives will be held on Monday.

You will also have the chance to follow new electives (out of the ones you haven’t already done) in the year after you graduate.


Put theory into practice with your Project Work, which will be discussed at the end of your course. In the second half of your Master, you will develop a consultancy project to improve the competitiveness of a company. You’ll work closely with professors and researchers from the Politecnico di Milano, applying the tools and methods learned during your ieMPM to not only tackle issues of interest to companies, but also to build valuable relationships that you’ll carry throughout your professional careers.


Please note that we process applications on a rolling basis, which means they may close even before this deadline. Our limited number of seats available in the class means the sooner you apply, the better.


The first thing you need to do is the Online Application, uploading your updated CV/resume in English. You will also need to pay the application fee (EUR €100), which can be done on the application platform itself, via Flywire* or through a regular bank transfer. The rest of your documents can be sent after the motivational interview.

* You can easily pay your tuition and fees online via Flywire, our preferred payment partner. Flywire is a secure international payment service that simplifies payments from your home country or other countries around the world. Payment options include bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets and more, typically in the local currency.


Our admissions team will let you know if you have been selected for the next part of the selection process.


You need to upload these documents on our platform to complete your application pack:

  • Your university degrees and transcripts
  • A motivational letter
  • Reference letter/s (these aren’t mandatory)
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Digital passport-sized picture


We have a careful selection process when choosing participants for the ieMPM programme, and we limit it to a fixed number of students. This makes sure we can give you the best environment for personal development as well as for group learning.

We thoroughly study everything you put in the online application, so remember to fill it out carefully and give us any extra material you think might help your candidature.

Our selection will take into account your professional and academic background through a video interview. We’ll then send you an email with the result.

The tuition fee comes to €18,500 for individuals and €21,500 for those of you that are sponsored by a company. These costs cover the entire length of our programme, but they do not include living and travel expenses.


You might find this Master more accessible with help from our Financial Aid Programme. We at POLIMI GSoM give financial contributions to deserving candidates in our ieMPM programme.

We give these contributions are in recognition of your outstanding merit or achievement in both the academic and professional fields. There are a lot of different criteria for each contribution, with some open to all applicants, and others that are specifically designed for applicants with certain individual circumstances.

If you’d like financial aid, you need to request it when you submit your application form – please note that late requests for financial aid won’t be considered.

If you are sponsored by your company, we kindly request that you write to us at for more details.


Submit your application online and tick the box showing that you are interested in POLIMI GSoM financial aid.
Fill out the Financial Aid Request Form – we will send this to you in an e-mail, just fill it out and upload it on the online platform.


International diversity is invaluable to us here at POLIMI GSoM. If you are a talented individual coming from certain countries, we offer partial waivers up to 30% of your tuition fee, in order to promote international diversity within the class.

To apply for this contribution, you need to meet our admission requirements and submit a small written passage (no more than 500 words) on the following topic:

“How do you think your cultural background can add value to the ieMPM class?”

Please note that you need to submit this at the time of application.


POLIMI GSoM offers a partial waiver, up to 30% of the tuition fee, to deserving candidates, sharing our purpose and putting it into practice in their personal and professional life.

Find out more


Here at POLIMI GSoM, we are adamant about improving gender equality and increasing diversity. That’s why we’ve created the MIP for Women Tuition Waiver, which is designed to give women greater accessibility to our programme. The waivers cover up to €4,000 each.

If you have shown outstanding merit and achievement in an academic or professional sense, you may be eligible for this competition. Just send us a small passage (no more than 500 words) at the application stage, writing about the following topic:

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”
Malala Yousafzai – 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Tell us about an occasion when you took a stand as a woman, in order to have a positive impact on the society in which we live.


Are you a graduate of POLIMI GSoM? If so, you can access extra contributions on your tuition fee:

  • You can get 25% off if you have completed a Master program with us
  • You can get 10% off if you have completed our Executive Path (Management Academy)

Please note that if you are partially sponsored by a company, the Alumni Waiver will be proportional to your individual fee. If you are fully sponsored, you are not eligible for the Alumni Waiver.


You can also get a fee reduction if you have graduated from the Politecnico di Milano. You need to have shown a strong commitment to your studies and a desire to further your professional development through continued education. If that sounds like you, you could be entitled to a €2,000 POLIMI GSoM contribution.

For more information, please write to us at


If you are a member of IPMA YC (Young Crew) or IPMA Italy, you can benefit from 5% discounts off your Master tuition fee.


Are you willing to act as a Class Representative or Tutor? If so, you could receive a contribution of up to 35% off our International Executive Master in Project Management. This is available to 2 candidates. 

Discover more here


If you are an international candidate with Italian residency or an Italian candidate, you can access student loans to cover your tuition fee and other expenses.

Please write to us at for more details.


Access a completely flexible loan with Deutsche Bildung, which finances almost all programmes and subjects in Germany and abroad. They’ve been providing monthly as well as single and returning payments to motivated students since 2007. Also, the extra-curricular-program WissenPlus focuses on the improvement of important social and professional skills. The repayments are income-linked, meaning that you pay back a fixed percentage over a certain time once you have started your first job. You can apply online throughout the whole year at


Meet our representatives, join our online presentations or even visit our campus:

Check out our events



Our recruitment team is available for a 30-minute one-to-one info session to guide you through the contents, contributions available and the selection process of our programme.

To book your info-session please click on the link here below and fill out the booking form. One of our representatives will get in contact with you to set up the meeting.


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