19 September 2023

MBA World Summit 2023: one of our students has been selected as one the 100 most inspiring MBA students


After having hosted the 2022 edition, our School is again one of the protagonists of the MBA World Summit.
In fact, our International Part-Time MBA student Lorenzo De Meo has been selected as one of the 100 participants at the next MBA World Summit, which will be held in Silicon Valley on September 28th and 29th.

Since 2014, the MBA World Summit has been facilitating connections between MBA students at the world’s most prestigious business schools, bringing them together and giving them the chance to share their values, expectations, and passions.

“Visions ahead. This is the motto and one of the discussion topics of the MBA World Summit 2023” – explains Lorenzo. “I am glad to be able to attend, as I believe it is important to understand what the strategic vision will be that should guide us in achieving our goals with the aim of improving our lives and the lives of others. It will also be important to identify the most appropriate visions to understand what impacts and benefits future trends such as AI, climate change and space exploration will have on humanity.”

Indeed, all participants will draft a joint closing statement – the “Message to the World” – sending a visible mark of dedication to drive positive impact and convey shared visions for a better society, environment, and economy.

We’re really proud that a representative from our MBA class has been selected to join the most inspiring MBA students from the world’s top business schools. This will be a great occasion for sharing ideas and best practices, and nurturing high-impact relationships.
We’re sure that this 2-day events will inspire Lorenzo and ignite new ideas to shape a better future for all.

19 September 2023

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