03 November 2022

The MBA Job Market is Robust, Despite Economic Headwinds

Author: Seb Murray

Even as the threat of recession increases, job-seeking MBA graduates still have the upper hand in a tight labor market.

The rising risk of a global recession has underscored the importance of choosing an MBA course that will boost your employment prospects. The top-ranked MBA programs equip students with the skills, tools, and networks to succeed in any economic climate, business schools insist.

Happily, stalling economic growth has not taken the heat out of the job market for MBA graduates, meaning that job seekers still have the upper hand in a historically tight labor market with far more vacancies than people who can fill them.

“So far, for MBAs, the tight labor market is still winning,” says Sadia Cuthbert, head of careers at Cambridge Judge Business School in the UK. “Demand for professionals with expertise and global experience is still relevant. The number of companies offering to host MBA recruitment events is increasing.”

Some large employers have announced hiring freezes or layoffs as the threat of recession increases, yet Cuthbert is optimistic about the future. “The current global economic crisis will require businesses to build resilience into their organizations and create efficiencies at scale, so the need for strategic managers will only grow as the world learns to deal with new complexities,” she says. “We expect the MBA recruitment market to remain steady and grow.” […]

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03 November 2022

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