11 June 2024

Davide Perra

Davide Perra - POLIMI GSoM

How did the master help you acquire tools that enabled you to face the everyday challenges in your organisation/industry?

Beyond the theoretical side, I greatly appreciated the ‘practical’ approach of the courses. Teamworks and exams developed as mini-projects are key to immediately dive into applying what I was learning. In this way, I felt I gathered really useful (and readily exploitable) new skills and tools; step by step, course by course. Moreover, the general management and finance modules strongly enhanced the depth of my field of vision in business.

How has the specialising master helped you cultivate your capital of human connections with professionals and companies?

In this regard, the master has been a prolific experience on many levels: between peers, with professors, career advisors, industry managers, and so on. Every student is strongly encouraged to work on his/her connections, and is given a number of collaterals that provide countless opportunities for networking, in almost every field of interest. Not forgetting that, in a Business School, even fellow students can be potential future employers.

11 June 2024

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