03 June 2024

Lorenzo Malandrini

Lorenzo Malandrini - POLIMI GSoM

How was your MBA shaped by the human connections you created during your learning journey?

Experiences that I've made during the MBA period have been affecting many aspects of my path: people and connections encouraged me to create a startup, I discovered new ways to discuss different topics and alumni groups to share different opinions and experiences. In addition, some MBA colleagues are now my references for career advices and brainstorming on many occasions.

How did your MBA journey help you master skills while balancing your studies with your career? 

The MBA period has been though but one of the best of my life. Studying and working at the same time, while being very stressful, also gives you the opportunity to refresh your reactivity and adapt to different situations. Undoubtedly, the MBA has provided me with more organisational skills and I have learnt how crucial it is to select and prioritise things along the journey (personal and professional). Sometimes, saying 'no' to something can open greater opportunities if concentrating the energies in your main objectives.

03 June 2024

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