03 April 2023

Maria Paula Tabares Perez


How would you describe your study programme?

You grow in professional, academic, personal and cultural dimensions, getting out of your comfort zone and approaching challenges. Qualified professors use different methods to make the theory clearer, using simulations and real cases. You learn how strategies and techniques change depending on the industry.

How would you describe your overall experience at our School?

My experience was amazing because I started the master in Colombia and could only travel at the end of January. There was a real and genuine interest from the side of the professors, directors and master coordinators in providing the best options for the students who were not attending lessons in the same time zone. It was challenging to focus during lessons and also watch recorded videos, but we all could face it because we all put in an effort to make it. From my personal experience, I am just grateful because the professors and my colleagues were able to adapt to my schedule in the case of tests, and also open to listening to any issue or comment regarding the classes. I just can say that I learnt a lot from all the subjects because many concepts were completely new to me and, thanks to the master, I can talk with confidence about different topics and concepts. In addition, I felt that with the real cases, simulations and group assignments, I was training for a real environment in a company with international teams, deadlines, restrictions and with the need to receive the most optimal solution or approach.

03 April 2023

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