A hub, a melting pot of stimuli and ideas, concrete projects and genuine relationships.
The new Navigli Campus is a fine and fresh addition to our history and our growth journey.

A highly innovative building in a central and lively area of Milan. We might call it a melting pot: the conversion of our purpose, our values and our culture into a physical space.

Keywords: innovation and Milan
Our vision is to become a Business School that is recognized worldwide as the most innovative and committed to building a responsible society.

Rooted in Milan, present everywhere. Technological innovation and Milan are thus two keywords that mark out the Navigli Campus.

Thanks to technology students will be able to have an immersive and innovative classroom experience. And its location in such a lively and iconic area of Milan means that students will be able to fully experience all that our city has to offer.

A trajectory three storeys high
In 2020 we thought deeply about our future, reflecting on our purpose and our values, before launching a new strategic plan.

When giving names to the spaces of the Navigli Campus (which covers a space of about 2,000 square meters), we were inspired by three words that describe our identity.

The Ground Floor is called MAKE. It reminds us that we want to be a Business School that can get its hands dirty and roll out concrete projects. The First Floor is called CONNECT: here we find spaces where people can meet and interact. Finally, the Second Floor is called IGNITE: an invitation to set off the spark for a better future.

A versatile and technological space
The Navigli Campus is designed to encourage meetings and exchanges of ideas, to offer solutions for various needs.

The digital dimension is preponderant. All rooms are equipped with sensors that detect lighting, CO2, temperature, occupancy, people entering/leaving (“smart building”), and information on room usage is centralized (“digital signage”). Students will increasingly live a “blended” experience, a merging of physical and digital spaces. Classrooms are inspired by hybrid learning, with screens behind or next to students, auto-frame video cameras, ambient sounds.

Navigli Campus: a place where we put ourselves on the line in an attempt to reinvent the future. A better future for all.

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