Our tangible dedication to sustainability and impact has deep roots. Through a long journey of significant progress, in 2020 we became the first business school in Europe to achieve B Corp certification. In 2022, we mapped out our first Sustainability Plan, followed in 2023 by the amendment of our Articles of Association to become a Benefit Corporation.

Being a Benefit Corporation commits us to pursuing ever higher standards of purpose, accountability and transparency. This is the origin of our first Impact Report, with the task of sharing our objectives and results annually, focusing on the priorities of our stakeholders and our aims of common benefit.

With this report, we also intend to stimulate reflection, encouraging both professional and personal improvement, not only for our School but also for others. It is an open invitation to dialogue with the community of people and companies that share our commitment to sustainability and a positive impact on the environment and society.


Definition and scope of the report

Our Impact Report is a map tracing the path of our commitment to a better world. It is a document that recounts our journey through concrete actions and tangible results, highlighting through qualitative and quantitative information the impact we have generated on social, environmental and economic issues. 

All the information contained in the document and organised in five dimensions − Corporate, Governance, Employees, Students, Community and Environment − is our testimony of responsibility and ambition, an invitation to continue to make a difference. It is important because it helps us to transparently measure and communicate our commitment to sustainability, inspiring confidence and encouraging others to join the cause.

Discover the chapter dedicated to the staff with the words of Gianvincenzo Scarpa, HR Director of POLIMI GSoM


Engage, Share, Change: our promise

In the coming years, we will continue to involve our community in assessing what matters most. We firmly believe that every voice counts in shaping our future. We want to make this journey a shared experience, enriched by the voices of those who believe in change.

Therefore, we invite you to join us and share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Together we can make a real difference: contact our dedicated team at or fill in the form to send us your thoughts and ideas.