28 February 2023

Once connected, stay connected – with POLIMI GSoM!

Author: Davide Ritorto – International Part Time MBA student

In this article we will talk about POLIMI GSoM’s Alumni Community, with the help of Natascia Colantoni, Alumni Engagement Specialist.
I interviewed her to learn more about Natascia’s role at the school, the various programs and initiatives that are available for students and alumni and the opportunities that these initiatives create.

There is one spoiler that I can give you upfront: whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, there are many opportunities to stay connected and engaged with POLIMI GSoM through the school’s alumni network.

What does an alumni engagement specialist do?

First of all, a clarification: the term “alumni” derives from the Latin verb “alere” and, today, refers to former students of a school, college or university.

The main role of an alumni engagement specialist is to facilitate relationships and opportunities for discussion between former students and their alma mater and between alumni and alumni. This is achieved by developing initiatives and projects, organizing events and, above all, fostering contacts between them. It is important to underline how POLIMI GSoM, a point of reference for students during their studies, continues to be so even once they have become alumni, thanks to the innovative services dedicated to the development of the personal and professional network of the Students Engagement & Supporting Services area.

How important is the alumni community to a business school?

The POLIMI GSoM Alumni Engagement Team is constantly working to offer the entire alumni community opportunities to meet and exchange skills and experiences, all in order to create, nourish and nurture a cohesive community. This is of fundamental importance, first of all, for the alumni in the Community: being an active part of it has a positive impact both on their personal development and, above all, on their professional development. A successful career is the result of a unique mix of exceptional skills and competences, as well as constant professional development and a network of valuable, high-quality contacts, which can be acquired thanks to being part of the Community.

In this sense, the Professional Interests Clubs should be mentioned which, created to bring together people who share an interest or a professional goal, allow alumni to meet, share experiences and stay in contact with the School. To date, there are five clubs (MBA, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Healthcare & Life Science, and Supply Chain Management), in addition to the two sports clubs (Football and Sailing).

How can you actively participate and what are the opportunities that exist today in the POLIMI GSoM Community?

Being part of our Community means having complete and exclusive access to the services and opportunities offered. But it also means being the protagonist and promoter of the initiatives dedicated to our Community and its future.

First of all, all POLIMI GSoM alumni can apply to become Ambassadors for the School: motivating and inspiring students of today and tomorrow through their own testimonies. Secondly, they can participate in the “Feed the Talent” project, opening the doors of their company to our students to support them in their professional growth through internships, project work, etc.

Furthermore, all former students have the opportunity to support the School, so as to have a positive impact on society, build a more inclusive one and allow everyone to have access to the same opportunities, through pro bono projects, crowdfunding for scholarships, or other initiatives with a social impact.

Alumni can also join the club they prefer, thus remaining actively in contact with our School and expanding their network – or they can propose the creation of new ones and participate in the related activities and events, organized by alumni and for alumni, moments ideal for sharing skills and supporting each other. Among the main events are networking aperitifs, theme-based meetings, tournaments and sporting competitions.

Finally, a very important moment in the life of POLIMI GSoM alumni is Shape the Future, an annual event organized by and for the Alumni Community to celebrate the goals of innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. This year, the conference was held at the beginning of December and saw the participation of internationally renowned guests, top managers, company representatives and over 200 alumni.

“What are the most recent examples of how the relationship with the community has created an opportunity for an alumnus/a?”

At POLIMI GsoM, the Master final Project Work sometimes becomes a concrete reality with which the school itself collaborates, creating synergies between alumni from different backgrounds, entrepreneurs and investment funds to give life to new entrepreneurial projects.

Among the most recent examples, we can mention Heidemarie Haupt, Federico Aiana and Lorenzo Zagnoli with POSEIDON HyPerES – SUCH STUFF AS DREAMS ARE MADE ON, the story of the alumna Giulia Rossi, cited among the 40 best under-40 talents of FORTUNE ITALIA, the new book by one of our alumni, Enrico Santarelli and, last but not least, the victory of the Compasso D’Oro 2022 by the alumna Barbara Sala, thanks to the innovative scale for blood donation, called “Milan”.

In general, we always give visibility to our success stories relating to alumni within the Community  ̶  both through the newsletter and through posts on our social channels  ̶  especially those related to projects linked to sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship born at the School!

28 February 2023

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