10 July 2024

Chiara Picenoni

Chiara Picenoni - POLIM GSoM

How did you benefit from a specialising master after the completion of your university studies?

After my BA in Fashion Business & Communication I was looking for a Master which would cover a broader variety of luxury sectors to gain a more holistic industry overview and discover potential new fields of interest. After a thorough research process I discovered the newly launched Master in Luxury Management & Customer Experience that could not have been a more fitting match.

Not only has it enriched my current knowledge of the fashion industry but furthermore gave valuable insights in other industries. The program additionally highlighted how those are in fact all closely connected and intertwined. 

How did the master help you acquire tools that enabled you to apply the concepts of innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship in your daily work challenges?

Since the lectures, tasks and assignments have always been very practice oriented, it often felt as if we are already in the work rather than university environment. This was a huge advantage that enabled a very smooth transition from the academic to the professional world. The professors with their individual interesting backgrounds could only add to this fact. In general, it was the case that the lesson’s content and materials contained a great mix of past examples, whilst being accordingly updated to present events and happenings in the industry which created a certain sense of relevance.

10 July 2024

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