A successful career is the fruit of a unique blend of exceptional skills and competencies, as well as continuous professional development and a network of valuable, high-quality contacts — all of which we make available to you.

Being part of our community means having complete and exclusive access to the services and opportunities we offer you, as well as playing a key role in promoting the initiatives dedicated to our community and its future.


We strengthen and encourage the growth of Clubs, International Chapters and spaces to sustain a thriving community of Innovators

Discover our Alumni Clubs and International Chapters, created to bring together alumni and students who share an interest or professional goal; these are spaces to meet, share experiences and stay in touch with our School.

Advanced Manufacturing Club

Business & Digital Transformation Club

Consulting Club

Corporate Innovation Club

Energy Transition Club

Entrepreneurship Club

Family Business Club

Finance Innovation Club

Football Club

Golf Club

Healthcare & Life Sciences Club

HR Club 

Institutions & Public Administration Club - Innovation in the Public Sector

LeadHERship Club – Empowering Women in Business

Luxury Club

Marketing & Sales Club 

MBA Club

Project Management Club

Purpose Club

Sailing Club

Supply Chain Management & Logistics Club

Wine Tech Club

International Chapteres

We want to stay in touch with those who are advancing the name of our School, consolidating their sense of belonging.

This is why we have created the International Chapters: communities of alumni who live and work outside Italy and who meet to exchange experiences and ideas.

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We support our alumni with continuous personal and professional development programmes for Purposeful Innovators

Purposeful Coaching

Take the coaching path, through which you will be able to identify and define your purpose in order to give a clear direction to your career, understand what moves you in your work and discover many more features intrinsic to the professional sphere.

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Professional Development – Training Catalogue

Take part in a series of training sessions to reinforce the career management skills you’ll need to take charge of your professional development.

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We inspire you to examine and address the most pressing and contemporary issues in management, society and technology

Participate in major school events such as Shape the Future - the Global Alumni Conference and play a leading role by giving voice to your projects, also taking inspiration from the testimonies of important international speakers.

Get Involved


We are always looking for invaluable Ambassadors from our global Alumnae and Alumni who would like to give back to the School and to motivate and inspire future students.

If you become one of our Ambassadors, we’ll feature your profile on our specific programme page. Our mission is to create a virtuous and powerful generational bridge through your testimony – since you have lived the GSoM experience, you’ve got the best insights into what it’s like to study with us. All our Alumni willing to share their professional journey with our students and to be involved in the School’s projects are welcome to sign up and we really hope that you decide to join the Ambassadors network.


We believe that every single one of you is crucial for our entire Community to succeed. So we’re asking all our Alumni to get more and more involved. One great way to do this is by opening your company to support our students in the development of their final project work or their internships.

You get to choose from a pool of exceptional Italian and international high-potential candidates who need your support to boost their professional growth. Hosting a project work or an internship is the most immediate way to support them and help them find out exactly what entering the School leads to, in terms of personal and professional growth as well as career development.


Calling all Alumnae and Alumni! We would like to share with the whole Community our commitment to building a more inclusive society, one that is based on genuine connections.

From  pro-bono projects to crowdfunding for scholarships or activites with a social impact, our School really wants to transform lives and make a positive impact on society. This is an ambitious goal and can be met only if everyone contributes. Feel free to contact US to find out how you can get involved in this common effort and provide a legacy for future generations of students and Alumni.



Would you like to get involved in courses and events at our School, connect your company with our programmes or share your professional experience with students and Alumni?

From sharing your expertise to supporting our events, from giving a lecture or a guest speech to a company sponsorship, there are lots of ways you can make an impact in our Community and the world.

Keep in touch and let us know about your interview awards and successes, tell us your story, share your passion and knowledge, or even advertise your new entrepreneurial adventure. We would love to share your achievements with the Community, in our classrooms, on our social media pages, and even in our newsletter!


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