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One of the ways that our Alumni can interact with each other and reconnect with the School is through our Professional Interest Clubs. We’ve created these clubs so people with common interests and career goals can come together and find inspiration.

We wholeheartedly support these groups, because they generate value and a sense of belonging, through a mutually beneficial relationship for both the School of Management and for our Alumni.

Group events like live webinars, meetings, roundtable sessions and social dinners are run by Alumni for Alumni. They’re a great way to exchange know-how, expertise and mutual mentoring.

So what are you waiting for? Come enrich your GSoM experience and keep on learning and expanding your professional network.

Was your MBA experience at POLIMI GSoM life-changing? Are you looking to touch base with like-minded people? Come to the POLIMI GSoM MBA Alumni Club where our graduates meet, exchange ideas and experiences, and build a solid and cohesive network together.

This club was formed by MBA Alumni for the MBA community of Alumni and Students, to further their MBA experience and build an inclusive group of innovators. Here you can meet with past, current and future students to co-create value through networking, value-added events and professional and personal growth opportunities. And of course, you’ll be in close contact with our Faculty and external stakeholders.

The Club founders will co-create with you, setting up and nurturing a ton of stimulating initiatives. These include networking events, informal gatherings and reunions, club members’ testimonials, mentoring, ambassadorship, project works and much, much more.

These events all lie within the Club’s overall purpose of promoting a culture of constant learning, giving everyone a chance to inspire and boost the innovation potential of the Community.

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The GSoM Alumni Entrepreneurship Club strives to become a point of reference, an exclusive and protected place for the exchange of experiences and value creation. It’s a community of entrepreneurship in all its forms, from startups to family businesses and more.

This club is a melting-pot of creativity in all its forms. If you are one of our students or Alumni and you are (or want to become!) an entrepreneur, this is the place for you. Or maybe you are already professionally active in the field, working with startups, VC funds, incubators, or something new entirely. Whatever you situation might be, you’re welcome to join in and be part of something more.

This club operates within the GSoM environment but is open to the rest of the entrepreneurial world, with the ultimate goal of creating a true growing ecosystem of skills. The major goal here is to support the growth of GSoM entrepreneurs (both existing and wannabes), through a community made up of people with similar and complementary interests. Join up to find answers to all your different needs, through experience, ideas, knowledge, networks, profitable opportunities and – of course – fun!

With this goal in mind, the club’s founders continually plan and organise different activities, such as informal meetings and continuous learning events, webinars, coffee chats, workshops and so much more.

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Are you one of our Students or Alumni working as a project manager? Or maybe you are aiming to become one in the future or simply work in the field in general. If that’s the case, then the GSoM Alumni Project Management Club is a great place to meet like-minded people.

The Club raises awareness on the role of PMs in the management and success of businesses. They also aim to expand the influence of PMs in SMEs, making companies understand the increasingly current need to have someone with multidisciplinary skills in their workplace.

Here you’ll also find a reference point where you can boost your skills, not only hard skills but also in terms of the leadership/communication style. These are the softer skills that you need to adopt within the organisational structure of your company, as well as with other companies and stakeholders. Learn through the Club’s ad hoc meetings, events, informal talks and special gatherings.

This group also acts as a “compass”, supporting our Alumni in accessing School resources, the Alumni Community and the School’s overall ecosystem. It also gives visibility to initiatives and opportunities related to various projects that are developed/managed by GSoM Alumnae and Alumni. And to top it off, it boosts dialogue among Alumni that have experiences in different sectors and countries, always aiming for lifelong learning and networking, and favouring the growth of skills and knowledge for everyone.

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Come join this broad and inclusive Alumni and students’ community for both industry professionals and amateurs.

This Club is a great resource for healthcare providers, as well as anyone in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. It acts as a reference point for reliable news on H&LS innovation and their impact on the healthcare systems, policy makers’ decisions, and the social environment.

Here, GSoM Alumnae and Alumni in the field can get involved, boosting their leadership and innovative thinking. Through networking and cross-fertilization, this Club creates an excellent and highly reliable community of proactive players in life sciences world.

Come and take part in their webinars

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Sport Club
Life’s a ball with these exciting clubs!

Our Alumni and students have made a few different clubs that organise tournaments, regattas and competitions, bringing together leading international universities and Business Schools in a healthy and entertaining way. If you’re part of a Sport Club you can expand your network and keep in contact with us at the POLIMI Graduate School of Management, while at the same time boosting your own positive involvement with the School and its awareness in the world.

At the moment you can come take part in the Football Club, Sailing Club and Diving Club. Join up to the one that works best for you and take part in their events.

And if you find that there is no Sport Clubs fitting your interests, why not take the initiative to start up a new one? Just contact US to make your own suggestions for new Sport Clubs.

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International Chapteres
The world is your oyster with these truly international groups. These International Chapters bring together our Alumni who live and work outside of Italy, giving them meeting and networking events where they can share their experiences and ideas.

We work hard to keep in contact with our Alumni who uplift the name of POLIMI GSoM throughout the world, because they really do strengthen the sense of belonging to our School.

The currently active Chapters are based in New York (in partnership with the Alumni POLIMI North America Chapter), London, Dubai, Lugano – Zurich, Beijing – Shanghai – Hong Kong, and we are working on creating new ones.

Touch base with us if you’d like to put your name forward as a Chapter founder and leader. ​We’ll be more than happy to talk about how you can start a Chapter and how the School can support you.


This annual event organized by and for our GSoM Alumni Community represents the space where our Alumni can share their views on the future of business, working environments and our society in general.

Join us to celebrate the accomplishments that shape the future of innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

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Get Involved
Would you like to get involved in courses and events at our School, connect your company with our programmes or share your professional experience with students and Alumni?

From sharing your expertise to supporting our events, from giving a lecture or a guest speech to a company sponsorship, there are lots of ways you can make an impact in our Community and the world.

Keep in touch and let us know about your interview awards and successes, tell us your story, share your passion and knowledge, or even advertise your new entrepreneurial adventure. We would love to share your achievements with the Community, in our classrooms, on our social media pages, and even in our newsletter!

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