General Management
from 15 to 32 months
Part Time
November 2023

+ 2 face-to-face weeks + 1 optional full week

Tuition Fee
€ 37.000 (Individual)
€ 40.000 (Corporate)
Professional Experience
More than 3 years

Tel: +39 02 2399 2820


In today’s fast-paced and high-stakes business environment, we need a new generation of leaders. Leaders who are also pioneers with an eye towards the future. You will boost your managerial skills and learn how to leverage the power of purpose to deliver outstanding performance and contribute to a brighter tomorrow.

Our International Flex EMBA (i-Flex EMBA) was designed in partnership with Amazon, Microsoft, Moleskine and Vodafone. It’s an Executive MBA aimed at managers who want to combine international studies in perfect balance with their existing work commitments.

We use one of the most cutting-edge digital learning platforms in the world, developed with Microsoft technology. So why join us in advancing your managerial skills for a better business world?

Here at POLIMI GSoM we bring together drive and focus on digital transformation, to give you a unique programme full of exciting initiatives. Take part in lectures by top managers pioneering the path towards complete digital transformation in their companies. You will also get to see the working innovations and testing at the digital laboratories of Politecnico di Milano. We also invite you to take part in a Bootcamp specifically centred on digital transformation.

For the first time in an EMBA, we provide you with maximum flexibility. As a POLIMI GSoM student, you will be able to choose the length of your course from three available options, as well as your ideal time to connect.

So why should you choose the International Flex Executive MBA? In short, to level up your game.


You’ll have the freedom to attend classes when, where and how you prefer, allowing you to balance education, work life and family.

With the i-Flex EMBA you can choose from three different course lengths according to your needs (fast track: 15 months, regular track: 20 months, extended track: 32 months) and two time slots in which lessons are held: from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm (CET)* or from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm (CET), giving you maximum flexibility and access to your studies on any device from anywhere in the world.

*this slot will be activated with a minimum of 10 participants


Thanks to the digital learning platform D-hub, developed with Microsoft, you can access video lessons, actively participate in live sessions with your professors, interact with your peers and collaborate on projects and assignments as well as being able to access loads of additional content.


Here at POLIMI GSoM you will learn directly from industry leaders and enhance your managerial experience. Our programme has been redesigned by and for companies to prepare skilled and driven managers ready to spearhead disruptive technologies in today’s business world.

Through our Digital Innovation Pathway, you can become a driver of change, and gain a deep understanding of the vital role you play in digital transformation. Residential weeks give you the chance to visit global leaders of business innovation.


Practical experience is increasingly important in a competitive job market. That’s why we offer a Management Bootcamp or Study Tour in Silicon Valley, giving you the chance to sharpen your skills and focus your Executive MBA.

You’ll have the chance to network with change-makers and the world’s leading companies, all while gaining the hands-on experience necessary to become a confident leader in a digital world.


You will leave our programme equipped with all the knowledge and skills of a traditional in-class Executive MBA, but without the hassle of having to set aside work and life obligations.


  • Delivered on a digital platform developed by POLIMI GSoM in collaboration with Microsoft
  • 2 mandatory face-to-face full weeks
  • Specialisation in Digital Transformation through an Elective Week or a Study Tour in Silicon Valley
  • One optional elective week (Doing-Business-In London or Mexico or Management Bootcamp @ POLIMI GSoM) as well as International Exchanges
  • International focus with exposure to global industries and international faculty
  • Including soft skills and leadership training for professional development

The i-Flex EMBA has recently been ranked 10th in the world, 6th in Europe and 1st in Italy (the only Italian MBA programme in the ranking) by The Financial Times in the category of online MBAs.
It has been ranked 11th in the world by QS Online MBA Rankings 2022 and 10th in the 2021 Global Online MBA Ranking by CEO Magazine.
In 2020 the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development), the most highly regarded institute in Europe within the field of managerial education and development, has granted the EOCCS re-certification to the programme. EOCCS (EFMD Online Course Certification System) is a quality benchmark system developed to assess online courses.

This programme issues a “1st level Master” degree from Politecnico di Milano for those who already meet the university requirements.

The programme is made up of:

  • A number of core courses in General Management held through our smart learning platform
  • One live session every two weeks on Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm (CET) or from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm (CET), according to your choice and two mandatory face-to-face weeks* You can choose from three different course lengths according to your needs – fast track: 15 months, regular track: 20 months, extended track: 32 months
  • Visits to some Laboratories and Observatories of Politecnico di Milano
  • A third elective week for International Exchanges
  • A specialisation in Digital Transformation
  • Career & Leadership Development Programme
  • Project Work

*it is possible to choose whether to join the face-to-face weeks, including the kick-off week, online (if the activity is available remotely) or in person without any limitations, so you’re free to manage your time in the most efficient and convenient way.


You can give a further personal dimension to your studies by choosing to customise your i-Flex EMBA with our Inspiring Workshops or one of our Management Bootcamps.


If you are interested in a specific topic and you would like to deepen your knowledge in it, you could choose between two different specialization tracks:  

  • Digital and innovation 
  • Leadership and transformation  

Specialisation in Digital Transformation
As an i-Flex student, you can decide to further customise your learning path and earn an Executive MBA with a specialisation in Digital Transformation by choosing to take part in a Management Bootcamp with a focus on Digital Transformation or a Silicon Valley Tour, during your third optional week.

Digital Transformation Bootcamp
The Digital Transformation bootcamp is a one-week intensive experience, in which you will focus on engaging with technologies and learning how they are changing business processes.
Encompassing cutting-edge topics such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing and Internet of Things, this elective week will allow you to gain first-hand insights both from our outstanding faculty at POLIMI GSoM and experienced managers who are leading digital transformation.


During the i-Flex programme you will get the chance to immerse yourself in an intensive one-week study tour. Here you will gain full exposure to the Silicon Valley ecosystem and deepen your understanding of entrepreneurship and other hot topics.

Together we will visit start-ups, large corporations, venture capital firms, and incubators to gain a broader perspective on the process of taking an idea to the market and scaling a company. Whether you’re looking to launch your own venture or add entrepreneurial thinking to your toolkit, the POLIMI GSoM Silicon Valley Week will equip you with radical new ways of thinking about entrepreneurship, networking and innovation.


At POLIMI GSoM there are no limits. That’s why we offer the exciting opportunity to study in Mexico, Silicon Valley or London at one of our partner international business schools.
For one week you will study the specific social and economic aspects of your chosen country. You will divide your time between classroom lessons, held by professors from our partner universities, and company visits to local and multinational businesses. You will get to study success stories and understand the challenges involved in multicultural management.


Have you ever thought about studying abroad? We have a range of programmes available to you, that are sure to satisfy any number of requirements:

  1. AUDENCIA, Nantes (France)
  2. IAE, Aix-Marseille (France)
  3. MCI, Innsbruck (Austria)
  4. NEOMA, Mont-Saint-Aignan (France)
  5. UNIVERSIDAD DE MONTEVIDEO, Montevideo (Uruguay)
  6. IESEG, Paris (France)
  7. RSM, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  8. TIAS, Tilburg (Netherlands)
  9. Warsaw University of Technology Business School, Warsaw (Poland) 
  10. ESSEC, Cergy (France)
  11. Bucharest Business School, Bucharest (Romania)

We’ve revamped our Career Development Programme to enhance and develop your skills allowing you to effectively manage your own career path. We also give you constant updates on the latest tools and trends in the job market so you can become a career leader.

During the new edition of this International Flex EMBA, we’re holding a series of Careers Workshops with industry experts. They’ll explain how to design and carefully plan a career strategy, covering topics from personal branding to salary negotiation.

You’ll also have access to expert Careers Advisors, who are helped by professional headhunters. They will give you support in personalised one-2-one Careers Advisory meetings to develop a strategic action plan for your professional goals. If you want, they can also help you in the selection and interviews.

And that’s not all. To help you reach your professional goals or to meet any requalification needs in the current situation, we have extended our Career Development services by up to one year after the end of the Master, increasing the opportunities of meetings, both one-2-many (such as workshops and networking events) and one-2-one.


Careers Workshops and experiential LABs each year allow you to strengthen your skills, and are useful for the responsible and sustainable management of your professional development. Some examples include Self-Awareness & Career Strategy Design, Job search strategies, Personal branding canvas, Managing Emotions in careers, Critical Thinking, and Getting ready for job interviews.


POLIMI GSoM’s Career Development Centre staff, with the support of a team of expert consultants, will offer a series of Careers Advisory services to our EMBA students.


At the several networking events per year you’ll have the chance to get to know and touch base with businesses and executive search companies, enriching your network and sharing experiences as well as best practices.

Also, thanks to active collaborations with leading headhunting companies, you can meet consultants specialised in recruiting and career development. You will be given the unique opportunity to take part in individual meetings with a highly qualified headhunter. And of course, you will have access to international web portals, letting you enrich your professional network and further strengthen your career skills.

Thanks to FLEXA, you will have the chance to stay in touch with network companies and other passionate professionals in your field.

Our latest research shows that, on average, within two years after the end of the EMBA, 80% of graduates achieve significant career progress, which involves career growth in their current company in 27% of cases, and a change of career or a change of company in 53% of cases.

What kind of change?
71% change of role
58% change of function
24% beginning of an international role
5% launch of a start-up

Your professional and personal growth continues after your EMBA.
We believe that the managers and entrepreneurs of the future need continuous and customised training over time and, for this reason, for the two years following the end of your Master’s programme, we offer you the opportunity to attend the entire MANAGEMENT ACADEMY programmes catalogue free of charge and without obligation.
You will be able to choose which programmes to attend according to your needs, as they change over the course of your career.

The POLIMI GSOM Management Academy consists of a portfolio of programmes and pathways dedicated to Executives. The majority of courses are held in Italian. It includes a vast range of training and updating courses on the different management disciplines. It represents a flexible and customisable offer, thanks to the various formats available and the content modularity, allowing you to customise your training path.

  • Digital Innovation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Economy & Finance
  • Energy Management & Ecologic Transition
  • Humanities for Business
  •  Innovation & Design Thinking
  • Leadership & Soft Skills
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Organisation & People Management
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate
  • Sustainability & Impact
  • Strategy & Entrepreneurship 

In addition, in the year following the completion of the EMBA, you can participate free of charge in the inspiring workshops that you couldn’t attend during the duration of the Master’s programme: another unique opportunity in the business education market that will drive your professional development over time.

Our EMBA offers world-class benefits for whichever company you choose to work for:


As a POLIMI GSoM graduate you will become an agent of innovation and an asset to any business. Our shared goal is to provide you with the creative mindset found in both start-ups and the corporate world.

Each of our programmes is designed to accelerate your professional growth as a manager and leader. You will be equipped with the knowhow and ability to tackle whatever challenges the market throws at you.


Having an employee do their EMBA with us means that you can get immediate concrete benefits, as they put into practice what they’ve learned and become a promoter of change and innovation.

You also have the chance of defining the final project work they’ll do in the last few months. That means your company can benefit from the highly practical and consultative project output. During this time, a POLIMI GSoM Faculty member, Politecnico di Milano professor, or an outside consultant will collaborate and supervise the student, guiding them through this final phase. In this way, the project output is in essence strongly practical and consultancy-based, drawing from the knowhow of the various Politecnico di Milano departments.


You will get enormous added value simply by becoming part of Politecnico di Milano’s innovative technological ecosystem. Advances ranging from the 4.0 Industry to IoT and autonomous driving in vehicles lead to sizeable company savings on the costs normally incurred when acquiring managerial skills externally.


Our Masters are VAT exempt pursuant to Art. 10 DPR 633/1972, which means we do not apply VAT on invoices. This is because Politecnico di Milano is a public body and recognises the courses.

We apply a specific schedule of rates, where the cost is based on the duration of the Master, but we are happy to take your corporate needs into account.

If your business takes part in Interprofessional Funds, such as Fondimpresa and Fondirigenti, you can benefit from opportunities to sponsor your employees to take an Executive MBA, taking advantage of funds in your Learning Account or using open tenders. Here at POLIMI GSoM, we work with all joint multisector funds and provide a team of experts for companies to identify different funding opportunities.

If your company has multiple employee enrolments, you will be able to get special terms on their EMBA courses.

If your company would like to sponsor your employees, they will be offered an extremely flexible and customised payment plan.


Please note that we process applications on a rolling basis. Since there are a limited number of places in each class, you should apply as early as possible. If the course reaches its enrolment limits before the deadline dates, applications will close earlier.


We have a careful selection process when choosing participants for the EMBA, and we limit it to a fixed number of students. This makes sure we can give you the best environment for personal development as well as for group learning.
We thoroughly study everything you include in the online application, so remember to fill it out carefully and give us any extra material you think might help your candidature.


Activate the Online Application by uploading your updated CV/resume and paying the application fee (€150). You can pay online on the application platform itself, via Flywire* or through a regular bank transfer.
The rest of the documents can be sent after the motivational interview.
*You can easily pay your tuition and fees online with Flywire, our preferred payment partner. Flywire provides a secure global payment network that simplifies paying your fees from your home country and countries around the world. Payment options can include bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets and more, typically in your home currency for most countries.


We will let you know if you have been selected for a Motivational Interview and the POLIMI GSoM test, which consists in a business case.


  • University Degree or equivalent from an accredited institution
  • Your official University Transcripts
  • Motivational statement*
  • 1 or 2 letters of reference (optional)
  • Copy of your Passport or ID
  • Digital Photo – choose the format that works for you.

*With this statement you have the chance to explain why you want to do an EMBA, showing the Admissions Committee that you are the right fit for POLIMI GSoM. Feel free to send in a traditional essay or even a slide presentation (there is no minimum or maximum length for either of these). Please make sure you convert it into a PDF file when you upload it on the application platform.


Once our Admissions Team gets feedback from the interviewer, your application will be evaluated and then presented to the Admissions Committee, who then decides whether you will be accepted or rejected. They will take into account your professional and academic background, motivational interview performance and an aptitude test score (GMAT/GRE/POLIMI GSoM Test).
Our selection process evaluates your individual profile while also taking into account the EMBA class composition, which needs to be in line with the quality and diversity the school requires. Acceptance to our courses is based on your ability to excel, not only academically, but also in the business community.
We will send you an email with our final decision on your application.
The final decision with respect to the admission of a candidate is entirely at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

Our International Flex EMBA tuition fee is €37,000 for individuals and €40,000 if you are sponsored by a company. These costs cover the entire length of the programme, but they don’t include living and travel expenses.


You might find our International Flex EMBA more accessible with help from our Financial Aid Programme.
These contributions are mostly based on merit and academic excellence, as well as personal and professional achievement. We are especially interested if you have strong leadership potential and superior interpersonal skills. These contributions are only for self-funded candidates and we apply them directly to your tuition fee.
If you’d like financial aid, you need to request it when you submit your application form – please note that late requests for financial aid won’t be considered.

If you are sponsored by your company, we request that you kindly write to for more details.


Submit your application online and tick the box showing that you are interested in POLIMI GSoM financial aid. Fill out the Financial Aid Request Form – we will send this to you in an email; just complete it and upload it on the online platform.

For more information on how to apply for a financial aid contribution, please write to us at


POLIMI GSoM offers contributions of up to 35% of the tuition fee to international candidates in order to promote international diversity within the class and assist talented individuals from as many different countries as possible.

Find out more


We are committed to inspiring and partnering with innovators to shape a better future for all. This is our purpose, our guiding light – our north star.
If you are a deserving candidate, sharing our purpose and putting it into practice in your personal and professional life, you can get up to 25% off the tuition fee.

Find out more


At POLIMI GSoM we actively promote gender equality, specifically management and entrepreneurship for women. That’s why we are offering the most deserving female candidates study grants of up to €20,000. Female candidates will have the opportunity to receive the WOMEN4MANAGEMENT contribution or win the WOMEN INSPIRING WOMEN Contest.

Find out more


We at POLIMI GSoM are offering a 30% contribution to 2 female i-Flex EMBA participants.
This is done in collaboration with the 30% Club, an international organisation whose aim is to achieve 30 percent women on FTSE 100 boards.
The deadline for applications is September 15th, 2023.

Find out more


Candidates chosen to become Alumni Ambassadors for the School can take advantage of tuition fee reductions of up to 40% off the programme tuition fee. The winners of this contribution will be required to support the marketing staff with online presentations, fairs abroad and other promotional activities during and after the programme. We are offering this to 2 International Flex EMBA candidates.

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An innovative spirit is worth a lot to us, which is why we at POLIMI GSoM are offering contributions of up to €7,000 to deserving candidates. If you have launched a start-up in the past, are an entrepreneur, or even a professional who would like to become one, just apply to be in the running.

Find out more


As a B-corp accredited school, sustainability is at the core of our activities. We are offering contributions of up to €7,000 to outstanding candidates who deal with sustainability in their company or work for a non-governmental organisation (NGO). This contribution will be deducted from the total amount of your tuition fee.

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If you are passionate about the theme of digitalisation, at POLIMI GSoM we are offering contributions of up to €7,000 to help support your studies.

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You can also get a fee reduction if you have graduated from Politecnico di Milano. You need to have shown a strong commitment to your studies and a desire to further your professional development through continued education. If that sounds like you, you could be entitled to a €3,000 POLIMI contribution.

Also note that if you are partially sponsored by a company, the Alumni Waiver will be proportional to your individual fee. If you are fully sponsored, you are not eligible for the Alumni Waiver.


Are you a graduate of POLIMI GSoM? If so, you can access extra contributions to your tuition fee.

You can get 25% off if with these merit-based contributions if you have completed a Master programme at POLIMI GSoM, and 10% off if you have completed an Executive Path at POLIMI GSoM.

For more information on how to apply for our alumni scholarships, please write to us at

Please note that if you are partially sponsored by a company, the Alumni Waiver will be proportional to your individual fee. If you are fully sponsored, you are not eligible for the Alumni Waiver.


If you are a U.S. citizen wishing to pursue your studies in Italy, the U.S.-Italy Fulbright Commission have grants that might work for you. Check out their webpage for further info or contact them at: –


If you are an international candidate with Italian residency or an Italian candidate, you can access student loans to cover your tuition fee and other expenses.
At POLIMI GSoM, we collaborate with banks such as Banca Sella, Banca Intesa San Paolo, Unicredit and BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas.
Click here for more information on the conditions given by BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas.


Meet our representatives, join our online presentations or even visit our campus:

Check out our events


Our recruitment team is available for a 30-minute one-to-one info session to guide you through the contents, contributions available and the selection process of our programme.

To book your info-session please click on the link here below and fill out the booking form. One of our representatives will get in contact with you to set up the meeting.


Vivi la nostra Scuola. Fallo con articoli, podcast e video capaci di ispirare la tua creatività, di contribuire alla tua voglia di innovare, e di stimolarti nella ricerca di un significato profondo alle tue azioni. Ecco gli ingredienti della nostra ricetta per il futuro.