Our School follows the Italian government and WHO regulations and instructions for dealing with the current Covid-19 situation.

Please refer to the information below in order to collect more information on Covid regulations and check back regularly on this page for new updates.

About this page

In this page, you will find updates and information on governmental provisions and regulations in regards to covid-19.

The International Students Office aims at supporting the student community during the current health emergency and associated travel restrictions.

The information available at this page can also be found at the following official websites:

Lombardy Region website on Covid-19

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Travelling regulations in Italy

Ministry of Health on traveling

Current situation in Italy

Currently, no restrictions are in place

Until April 30, FFP2 masks are mandatory to access hospitals and other health structures.

Covid-19 testing

There are many pharmacies and private clinics in Milan, which you can refer to for covid-19 testing for any need. Make sure that the facility you’ve chosen is accredited with the NHS, as this means they can swiftly communicate to the regional healthcare system the result of your test and provide you with a valid certificate as proof.


Farmacia Aperta – Look for the one closest to you. An appointment is usually required.

These pharmacies have signed an agreement with the Italian government to provide antigen rapid tests, valid for the issue of digital certifications, at lower prices (€15).

Covid-19 Information and Emergency Contacts

Here you can find instructions on who to contact and what to do if you are showing respiratory infection symptoms, or if an acquaintance was diagnosed with Covid-19.


  • The School has appointed Simona Strepparola as “Contact person for Covid-19” (e-mail: strepparola@gsom.polimi.it; ph. +39 331 889 2068). The Covid representatives’s role is to interact with the Department of Prevention (DdP) of local health authorities for the management of any suspected and confirmed cases of Covid-19.
  • Health Ministry Number (for general information in Italian, English and Chinese): 1500
  • After hour on-call doctor (“National Continuing Care service”), active on evenings and weekends: 116 117
  • Regional Healthcare Number for information on the vaccination campaign: 800 89 45 45
  • Emergency Number: 112


If you suspect you have contracted the virus, do not go to the hospital. Instead, contact by phone your general practitioner (if you are enrolled in the NHS) or the National Continuing Care service (ph. 116 117).

Follow the instructions you receive from them. In the meantime, you should stay at home and try to keep a distance from your flatmates, if any. Call the national emergency number 112 only if you need immediate assistance, that is, if you need an ambulance straight away.

As soon as you can, please write to strepparola@gsom.polimi.it and to receive support.

If you do contract the virus, you will have to follow the guidelines of the health authority who has assessed you. If you have minor or no symptoms, as a rule, you can expect to be required to do the following:

  • Self-isolate at home
  • Wear the face mask provided at the start of the monitoring
  • Keep a distance from your flatmates, close the door to your bedroom and ventilate it regularly
  • Remain available to go through the necessary health checks.

Please write to strepparola@gsom.polimi.it to inform us and to receive support.

Health Glossary

Self-isolation and Quarantine: duration