Eduroam connectivity at POLIMI Graduate School of Management

POLIMI GSoM adheres to the Regulation of the Italian Federation, Eduroam – Version 2.0 of September 2012. Eduroam (Education Roaming) is a service that offers secure wireless access to the network. Roaming users who visit an institute that is part of the initiative can use the local wireless network (WLAN) using the same credentials (username and password) that they would use at their own school, without needing to follow additional procedures at the other institution.

The University has adopted the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) of the GARR Consortium. Users are required to read and respect this policy.

To use the service, users connect to the “eduroam” SSID, which is broadcast over all of the areas covered by the School’s WiFi service.

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Please configure your wifi setting as follows:

SSID: eduroam

Wi-Fi network protocols: 802.11a, 802.11g e 802.11

Wi-Fi encryption: WPA2/AES

Network Access Control: 802.1x

Autenthication: PAP

Eduroam connection provides the following services:

  • IPSec VPN: IP 50 (ESP) e 51 (AH) inbound and outbound and UDP/500 (IKE)
    OpenVPN: UDP/1194
  • IPv6 Tunnel Broker service: IP 41 protocol outbound and inbound
  • IPsec NAT-Traversal: UDP/4500
  • Cisco IPSec VPN over TCP: TCP/10000 outbound
  • PPTP VPN: IP 47 (GRE) inbound and outbound and TCP/1723 outbound
  • SSH: TCP/22 outbound
  • HTTP e HTTPS: TCP/80 e TCP/443 outbound
  • IMAP4 e IMAPS: TCP/143 e TCP/993 outbound
  • IMAP3: TCP/220 outbound
  • POP3 e POP3S: TCP/110 e TCP/995 outbound
  • (S)FTP passive: TCP/21 outbound
  • SMTPS: TCP/465 outbound
  • SMTP submission via STARTTLS: TCP/587 outbound
  • RDP: TCP/3389 outbound

EDUROAM© copyright eduroam – eduroam is a TERENA trademark

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