16 June 2022

What companies look for in a Project Manager?

When: 7th July 6:30 PM CEST - 7:30 PM CEST
Where: Online

A chat with Capgemini, partner company of the International Executive Master in Project Management

Why is there an increasing need for companies to have professionals in charge of the implementation, planning and execution of projects? What are companies really looking for in a Project Manager?

We will explore this topic during the upcoming event dedicated to the International Executive Master in Project Management (ieMPM) on 7th July, which sees the participation of one of our partner companies, Capgemini.

During the event, we will investigate the skills required to become a qualified Project Manager and the reasons why an educational background in Project Management is important to let your professional goals become attainable.

For further information, please contact us at infoexecutivemasters@gsom.polimi.it

16 June 2022
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