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Will I require a Visa?

My Master starts in another country. When do I apply for my Italian Visa?

What is the permit of stay and how do I obtain it?

May I work on my study permit?

May I travel outside of Italy while waiting for my first permit of stay?

How long may I stay in Italy and travel Europe with my permit of stay?

May I travel in the Schengen area whilst awaiting my renewed permit of stay card?

May I travel outside of the Schengen area whilst awaiting my renewed permit of stay card?

What documents do I need to re-enter Italy if I only have the postal receipt of renewal application and the expired permit?

What happens if I need to renew my permit but I do not have enough funds to cover me for the entire period of my stay?

What document do I need to include in my permit renewal application if I have an internship offer?

Is it possible for my family to stay legally in Italy while I am studying?


What does enrollment mean?

What is the statement of comparability of my degree and how do I obtain it?

Bureaucratic procedures

I am a non-EU student. How long does it take to have all documents necessary for living in Italy?

What is residency?


What are the areas close to POLIMI GSoM adn which areas in Milan are unsafe?

What are the precautions when searching for private accomodation?

Facilities and other key facts

Is there a library at the campus?

Is there a canteen on campus?

Can I bring my own food at school? 

Are there any study areas at school?

What should I do in case of an emergency or if I am not feeling good? Does POLIMI GSoM support me in any way?

How can I contact students from POLIMI GSoM?

What are the money matters for international students?