26 September 2022

A new campus for a new (generation) MBA!


Today, a new generation of future leaders has started on their MBA journey. But there is more. The journey they have chosen is one which aims to unleash the latent power of purpose and enable them to meet the unique challenges of the 21st century.

They come from 21 different countries. They are mostly women (58%). They have various academic and professional backgrounds. They’re so different, but also connected by something bigger: the awareness that they can make the difference and have a positive impact on society.

They are the students of the first edition of the New Generation MBA, the redesigned Full-Time MBA launched by POLIMI Graduate School of Management, together with The Mind at Work, to train a new generation of leaders to deliver a more impactful and sustainable performance.

Antonella Moretto, Associate Dean for Open Programs explained: “The world of business, and indeed society at large, is going through sweeping changes. In response, together with our partners at The Mind at Work, we decided to redesign our Full-Time MBA programme to prepare a new generation of managers, entrepreneurs and professionals to meet the challenges that are arising. When considering what is required in response to these challenges, managers point not only to the realm of hard skills, but most importantly to skills such as the capacity to engage people, understand motivation, and the ability to connect to emotions — especially in highly charged situations.”

For the first time, those two dimensions are integrated to offer our students a holistic learning journey. Indeed, in addition to the core topics from a traditional MBA course, the programme will teach students how to generate and sustain higher levels of meaningfulness, motivation and effectiveness in themselves, their teams and their organisations.

Yet there is also another reason that makes this cohort so special: they’re the very first students to start classes in the brand-new Navigli Campus, at Ripa di Porta Ticinese 77.

This is a campus located in the city centre to offer our students an immersive experience and to encourage them to discover Milan and all its opportunities; a campus equipped with cutting-edge technology, designed to offer the same – excellent – experience to both on-campus and online students.

So, a warm welcome to the new class of the Full-Time MBA! May this experience be one of genuine personal and professional growth, a personal journey of discovery.

26 September 2022

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