25 August 2022

Around the World in One Year

Author: Chelsy Greenman – International Full Time MBA student

I frequently get asked why I chose to get my MBA in Milan at POLIMI GSoM. Coming from another country that also has top-rated business schools, it can seem out of the ordinary to uproot yourself to another continent and culture. Coming into my MBA from working at a global company, I had already realized how important it was to be comfortable in a very diverse environment. Wanting to expand on that, I decided to go for an international program. That ‘out of the ordinary’ experience is what I was looking for, and what I have found at POLIMI GSoM.

International Classmates

Something else that drew me to an international program was the opportunity to meet and work with individuals from all over the world. My cohort is a group of people from all different cultures, backgrounds, and locations, but with the same goal in mind. We all want to make a larger and more meaningful impact in our respective industries. This has allowed me and my colleagues to learn from each other in class, but also discover other cultures outside of the classroom. For example, I was able to share how we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, and I had the opportunity to experience a Lunar New Year celebration with my Taiwanese colleagues. At the same time, we can discuss business cases from all over the world and learn from residents of those countries.

Worldly Teachers

Not only are our colleagues international but also our teachers don’t just have Italian experience. They also come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Many have worked in global companies and have first-hand anecdotes to share with us. Our teachers and POLIMI GSoM have been incredibly inclusive and flexible during this time as health regulations and personal situations fluctuate. As more companies are adjusting their in-person working policies, this has been a great opportunity for us as future leaders in business to acclimate to the new hybrid working and has allowed for us to work cooperatively no matter where we are located.

Cosmopolitan Milan

Milan has been an ideal place to attend an international MBA program. Not only as a center for commerce in Italy, but in Europe. There are so many global companies here, as well as universities, and you are likely to hear many different languages as you walk around the city. You could eat traditional Milanese food one day and try Colombian food the next. Milan brings people from all over the world together and is centrally located, so traveling is easy and accessible.

Exchange Programs

Yet another benefit of this MBA is the exchange opportunities and study tours. We were able to experience other MBA programs for short exchanges, meeting even more people and experiencing other cities and cultures. It can be easy to get very comfortable as we spend a lot of time with our classmates, but these exchanges allowed us to get out of those comfort zones once again and get a fresh perspective. We also met new exchange students as they came to take classes at POLIMI GSoM and offered their personal expertise and shared their cultures with us.

As the world becomes more and more connected, and companies continue to globalize, it is invaluable that we as business leaders globalize ourselves. It has been incredibly rewarding to experience each facet of the MBA through the wide array of cultures my colleagues and I come from.

25 August 2022

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