06 July 2023

Discussion Day 


July 6th marks an important achievement for our Executive MBA and International Part-Time MBA students! Today, in fact, they discussed their final business transformation project – the last milestone in their learning journey just before Graduation! 

What a thrill to see more than 150 students at our Navigli Campus, and around 50 via distance learning, coming from all over the world, ready to present their final projects in front of professors and alumni! 

For the first time, all the students presented their project work on the same day – that’s Discussion Day – so as to make it an occasion for networking and training as well. The projects have been collated into thematic clusters related to trending topics such as environmental sustainability and circular economy, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, just to name a few, and students have been invited to attend the discussions that most interested them by moving around the various classrooms and groups. This was an opportunity for our students to be both presenters and audience at this conference-like event. 

“I’m so excited to see so many students together on this important day – important for them, as it marks the final step of their learning journey, and for the School, as a new batch of students has completed their experience with us”, explained Professor Antonella Moretto, Associate Dean for Open Programs. 
“I think that this event is perfectly in line with the trajectory of our School, represented by the three words make, connect and ignite. Make, because today, students are presenting concrete projects. Connect, because it’s a great occasion for networking with fellow students, professors and alumni. Ignite, because what more appropriate day could there be to ignite a better future than today?” 

Besides the academic importance of the day, today has been also an opportunity to say goodbye to the classmates, professors and learning specialists who have shared this challenging journey. 
And, to vote for the Valedictorians, of course, who will represent their class on Graduation Day.  

Congratulations to everyone and the best of luck for your future challenges!

06 July 2023

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