13 June 2023

From Theory to Practice: Analyzing the Potential of AI for the Recruitment Process in an MBA Project

Author: Diana Lopez - International Full Time MBA

As an MBA student, I had the privilege of working on a project with POLIMI GSoM and BTS consultancy, which involved conducting research on Gen Z trends in work and trends in virtual assessment powered by AI for recruitment. The project offered a hands-on training model that provided valuable insights into the recruitment process and the role of AI.

We examined how trends at work and new technology can influence new ways of attracting top talent for what will be the biggest workforce in a few years. Our findings showed that Gen Z is motivated by value-based careers, flexible schedules, and mental health concerns in the workplace. We also discovered that Gen Z is concerned about diversity and inclusion, which aligns with the AI solution for assessment. This technology is designed to reduce bias by evaluating based on behavior, technical knowledge, and logical reasoning.

While working on the project, we encountered several challenges, the most significant being defining the scope of the research. We had to deliver a structure that would be helpful for BTS to make decisions, and this required working mostly with online information, relying on consultancy reports, and analyzing them to find trends. However, we eventually developed a comprehensive structure that provided BTS with valuable insights.

Our analysis of the project showed that AI is revolutionizing the recruitment process. Although the technology is currently used mainly for mass hiring, we speculated on its potential role in the future of selective managerial hiring. However, we concluded that the human touch is always essential in the recruitment process. The importance of human judgment in the hiring process cannot be overstated, as certain intangible qualities and skills can only be identified by interacting with a candidate.

While there are some AI providers for the recruitment process, we recommended that BTS consider developing its own solution using best practices from providers, leveraging in the variety of AI solutions, such as online gamification and video analysis of behavior in answering questions.

Our experience in the project demonstrated the benefits of a hands-on training model. It allowed us to apply theoretical concepts to practical problems and engage in critical thinking. We reinforced skills such as developing a framework, and handling research, data analysis, and collaboration, which are essential in today’s fast-paced business environment.

In conclusion, the project was an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the role of AI in the recruitment process. Additionally, we were able to make some suggestions to BTS based on the analysis done; we recommended a combination of the human touch and AI, especially when considering the generation to be hired. This experience was very interesting for our MBA journey, as we could apply several tools in a more practical way.

13 June 2023

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