17 May 2023

How are the experiences of an International MBA program affecting our lives?

Author: Gaetano Ramundo – International Part Time MBA student

During his Master program in Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and his years working experience abroad, the word “international” has been a constant part of Gaetano Ramundo’s professional life.

Moving to POLIMI GSoM to keep growing professionally and pursuing the “international wave” is aligned also with Martin Petric and Margaret George’s expectations, two International Part-Time MBA students who explain to us how the program is impacting their career paths and lives.

We are only 4 months into our International MBA program, however, we have already had so many new and interesting experiences, such as the international week in Barcelona, a number of events with key opinion leaders and the practical application of concepts in each lesson.

How do you think this “hands-on” way of learning will impact your future career path?


I firmly believe that “hands-on” learning is essential for both personal and professional growth. With IMBAPT, POLIMI GSoM has developed a system combining lectures supported by relevant case studies, career development workshops and international exposure, which provides a sound foundation of management principles along with soft skills development.

I think hands-on learning enhances problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, making me more adaptable to change and better equipped to handle complex tasks. It is a great way to test and refine knowledge, learn from mistakes, and build a strong foundation of expertise in a particular field.

Apart from the practical benefits, hands-on learning offers a chance to network with industry professionals, learn from them, and gain insights into industry trends. In my opinion, this is essential for personal and career growth and can help one stay relevant and competitive in a constantly evolving job market.


I think today there are so many ways for people to engage, learn and grow through a process that uniquely accommodates them. I love the dynamic nature of POLIMI GSoM’s Part-Time IMBA.

It leans into a hybrid model that is so well aligned with the emergence of the digital and flexible workplace happening in business around the world. People are no longer willing to try and conform their lives around uniform schedules, instead they’re looking for options that allow them to navigate responsibilities around their own lives. The latter is exactly what POLIMI GSoM offers in our IMBAPT program, with a monthly meeting in person for 2 days augmented with asynchronous digital learnings and layers of optional development opportunities.

As you already know, in my career and life, I had already put the stress on “international” aspects as a way to learn, adapt, grow and challenge myself. With our International MBA journey, once again this “magic word” is emphasised.

What does this mean to you and what added value does it bring, in your opinion, to this course and to your future?


Pursuing an International MBA is an incredible opportunity to develop a global perspective and cross-cultural competencies essential for success in today’s interconnected business environment. Studying alongside a diverse group of international students can provide exposure to different perspectives and broaden my understanding of global business practices.

I am particularly excited about the specialized courses focused on Organization Design and Operations Management and their evolution regarding Digital Transformation. This knowledge, combined with the cross-cultural communication skills that I would develop, can provide a strong foundation for my career development.

Overall, I see the IMBAPT as a valuable investment in my future, both in terms of the skills and knowledge I can gain and the global network I can build. At the end of the day, business is all about people.


The world becomes more globalized with each passing year. We see this deepening interconnectedness through global economies, supply chains and migrations of people.

This evolution has made it more important than ever for business professionals to think at a higher and global level. I see the marketplace desiring professionals with competencies to develop global economic strategies, leverage international supply chains and empower culturally diverse workforces.

I appreciate how intentional POLIMI GSoM has been in putting in place an international bedrock to support our core courses and beyond. As a Global Business Partner within a large multinational IT company, this is a key element which led me join the IMBA program.

Although still at the beginning of our course, and with lots still to learn, I can already apply what I learnt in the first lessons both in my everyday job as an R&D Project Manager and in my personal life. Do you feel the same and which areas of your current job have been influenced and how?


Absolutely. For instance, the financial lessons have had a significant impact on both my professional and personal life. Specifically, the budgeting process and its connection to financial statements have been especially helpful in guiding my decision-making.

Professionally, understanding financial statements has helped me to make informed decisions about budgeting and resource allocation. By analysing financial statements, I can identify areas where the company is performing well and areas where there may be room for improvement. This allows me to make strategic decisions and adjustments to my budget, ensuring efficiency and efficacy.

There are not only advantages from a professional point of view, but also personal: understanding financial statements helps me to track my income, expenses, and assets and make informed decisions about how to allocate my resources.


I can see the inner workings of business more clearly now.

Each month, I get pulled more and more out of my daily HR-bubble and into new and challenging directions of business.

I have a better appreciation for the work led by different divisions that collectively power a multifaceted corporate enterprise. I’ve been surprised to learn just how granular and meticulous functions such as accounting and finance must be.

This greater understanding of their world helps me in my world as I become a more competent business professional.

17 May 2023

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