18 November 2022

MBA World Summit: we are proud to have hosted the 8th edition


100 MBA students, Milano and its unique flavour, a top keynote speaker and an inspiring round table with Deans from top European Business School. Welcome to the 8th MBA World Summit.

From November 16th – 18th our School has hosted the MBA World Summit, bringing together – on campus, for the 1st time since the pandemic – business education professionals and 100 MBA students from the best business schools worldwide.

“We’re proud to have been the first Italian business school to host this event. It has represented such a big opportunity of networking and learning for our MBA students” – explains Tommaso Agasisti, host of the MBA World Summit and Associate Dean for Internationalization and Quality at POLIMI GSoM.

Beside networking, with a roundtable of Deans from top European Business Schools which took place on day one, participants had also the chance to get inspiring insights on the role of Business School and Management education in contributing to a better future for all.

“It has been enriching sharing views with representatives of other top business school on topics such as how business education and MBAs need to change to adapt to the new skills managers need, and how organizations and business leaders have realized that companies have to rethink their purpose and role within society.” says Prof. Agasisti.

On Day Three, students have been protagonists of the “Social Impact Day”. On the occasion, they met organizations – both non-profit and profit with purpose – to design with them impactful solutions to the challenges that affect the communities.
Working in small groups, they have shaped their way for a brighter, more inclusive and sustainable future together.

As leaders as well as the most inspiring of MBA students has come together to share first-hand learning experiences and share promising first-hand learning experiences, the aim was to up with creative solution approaches that will improve the world we live in today. And we did.” says Agasisti.

Cherry on the top, Milan represented a great landscape to the event, offering to participants, who came from all over the world, an immersive experience through food, sightseeing and lifestyle.

 “What a momentous event” shared one of the participants. And we could not agree more!

18 November 2022

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