03 August 2021

Networking through MIP – external program sources

Author: Vito Conversano, International Flex EMBA candidate

One of the main reasons for starting an MBA is the possibility for networking. Networking starts in many ways and surely meeting and forging relationships with your course colleagues is the first step. The opportunity to meet interesting new people through additional events organized by MIP can also be leveraged. I’m referring, for instance, to the elective weeks and weekends. There are various weekends and full-week bootcamps on different topics that enable people from different programs united by similar interests to meet. A special mention goes to the relationship that MIP has with other universities and business schools. In fact, some students from other universities for whom a place had been reserved were able to participate in the abovementioned bootcamps, as well as there being the chance for us to join bootcamps organized by other universities and experience the international scope typical of business schools with this mindset.

Interaction with other colleagues starts during classes and work groups, when alongside the reviewing, elaboration and production of presentations and assignments, there is the chance to compare others’ approaches to resolution. Then it also progresses externally. Personally, I called and recontacted a few of the classmates I had met in the online sessions. It was a way of discussing the course topics, and then also of getting an opinion of the full program and an overall view of labor market prospects. In general, it was fascinating to get to know other people who had wonderful stories and were extremely charismatic.

The common need to have a space for talking about inspiring subjects led me to thinking about the further opportunity that, together with MIP, I and other MIP alumni were creating: the SOM Entrepreneurship Club. In many discussions with other students, our chats were leading to topics relating to the difficulties when entering the world of entrepreneurship, both at the startup stages but also in more advanced phases. So, we made a proposal to the Politecnico di Milano’s School of Management and MIP, who were happy to support us. A new community forum has started to collect ideas and share experiences for the benefit of people interested in having more direct and practical links to entrepreneurial subjects.

Being open-minded will allow you to expand your networking opportunities and reach out to motivated and active colleagues like yourself. Building a network of contacts is essential for facing daily work challenges and getting inspiration for alternatives. Let’s not miss the opportunities that can be provided by organized events.

03 August 2021

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