04 December 2023

Our official merchandising is live


Your Business School, always with you. With an eye on sustainability

The new store for POLIMI Graduate School of Management merchandising is officially online.

The sweatshirt to wear while remembering your days at school, the hat to wear or gift at the class reunion, the backpack to accompany you every day to work or on trips: these articles and many others are now available to the whole POLIMI GSoM community at www.shop.gsom.polimi.it, the portal also accessible from the link on the footer of our website.



The opening of the new POLIMI GSoM store represents an important step for our community. It is the fulfilment of a desire that has long resounded in the hallways of our business school and will finally give students, alumni, staff and faculty a way to express their sense of belonging, both in terms of recognition but also in terms of sharing values and – as a B Corp – our purpose. The products will become an essential part of celebrations, tangible reminders of events spent together as fellow travellers during and after the academic journey.

This is more than a showcase of items for us, it represents a genuine way to support our community: new means of telling stories, experiences and shared successes, elements to wear with pride and able to evoke important chapters in our personal history.

Organised into three categories, Clothing, Bags and Backpacks, and Accessories, the store offers a wide range of POLIMI GSoM branded products to choose from in a variety of colours and options. And to be as true to our school’s values as possible, we have chosen sustainable products made with recyclable materials, of traceable origin, from crops that reduce the impact on the environment and promote decent work.

The full catalogue of products available can be found at www.shop.gsom.polimi.it, accessible from the link in the footer of our website.

Explore the collection and choose the perfect merchandise to show your pride in POLIMI GSoM!

04 December 2023

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