05 September 2023

POLIMI Graduate School of Management and Green Future Project together to preserve the Amazon forest


On the occasion of Amazon Rainforest Day, celebrated on 5 September, the business school of Politecnico di Milano announces its partnership with Green Future Project to finance sustainability projects, including the Narupa Reserve in the Amazon

POLIMI Graduate School of Management announces its partnership with Green Future Project for the financing of high-impact sustainable projects. The goal is to mitigate part of the “carbon footprint” generated by its employees over the course of a year. This important collaboration is announced on Amazon Rainforest Day, celebrated worldwide every year on 5 September to raise awareness of the prolonged crisis that has been threatening the Amazon forest, and with it the entire planet, for decades. The Politecnico di Milano’s business school will support the protection and restoration of biodiversity in the Narupa Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Green Future Project is a B Corp certified climate tech and RINA certified digital partner. Through a portfolio of projects with a high environmental impact, it offers the opportunity to finance the regeneration and conservation of natural reserves, the development of renewable energy plants, and the regeneration of marine habitats to companies that want to engage in concrete sustainability actions.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management’s commitment is not limited to protecting the great South American green lung. Through the Green Future Project, the School will support the regeneration of the degraded mangrove forest in Marovolavo, Madagascar, through the planting of native tree species, the production of clean energy generated by the Tamil Nadu wind farm, located in India, and the forest protection of the Canadé reserve, in Ecuador, one of the most important biodiversity hotspots in the world.

“In our role as a business school, we feel that we have a responsibility to raise awareness of sustainability issues in this era of great transitions,” said Federico Frattini, Dean of POLIMI Graduate School of Management. “We can – and we want to – be agents of a major change in society, investing in the skills and sensitivities of future managers and entrepreneurs. We teach the leaders of tomorrow that the pursuit of profit is not contradictory to a genuine commitment to building a better society for all. But we also associate this educational mission with a concrete commitment to give life to these strong convictions of ours. The partnership with Green Future Project goes precisely in this direction.”

“We are thrilled to have signed a partnership with the Italian excellence that is POLIMI Graduate School of Management. It all begins with education, training, and, by teaching the new generations the value and richness of our planet, they will undoubtedly know how to appreciate and respect it”, said Briano Martinoni, co-founder and CCO of the Green Future Project. “Today’s young people are tomorrow’s leaders, and investing in them amounts to investing in our future with optimism. Sustainability must become the fundamental paradigm that drives our choices and decisions. Green Future Project was created for this reason: to support businesses and people in integrating sustainability into their business models and everyday life.”

Sharing common sustainability goals has led POLIMI GSoM to collaborate with Green Future Project, supporting important projects in terms of biodiversity protection, local community involvement, CO2 compensation and sequestration. The technological innovation underpinning Green Future Project’s activities will allow POLIMI GSoM to monitor its environmental impact in real time and access the tracking of the evolution of supported projects, reporting promptly on the results achieved.

05 September 2023

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