22 September 2021

Specialize your MBA: choose what interests you most

Author: Fabrizio Liponi, International Part Time MBA student

The MBA experience at MIP is a choice towards empowerment and improvement: we want to strengthen our network, expand our horizons and increase our knowledge with lectures, seminars and hands-on experiences. In the International Part-Time MBA we have different cultural and academic backgrounds and work in a variety of industries: the diversity in the group is an opportunity for mutual enrichment, but on the other hand, each of us would like to explore different topics in more depth.

To this extent, our journey as students includes a personal window to implement the core courses with complementary ones of our own choice offered in the form of bootcamps. Those consist in a whole week deputed to delve into a specific multidisciplinary business problem: lectures by MIP Faculty professors are complemented by seminars given by professionals working in the industry to delineate a complete framework.
From a general overview, we are led to diving into the matter and given the knowledge to interpret the context and the tools to figure out a strategy for developing a solution with a teamwork assessment of a real problem. Moreover, bootcamps are offered to the wider community of MBA students at MIP, allowing us to combine our experiences, meet and enlarge our network.

Personally, I decided to attend the bootcamp on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: I picked this one because I had pinpointed opportunities to apply it both in my job and in my future career and because it could provide ideas and suggestions for the project work, as with my group we aim to transform it into a real business project. As a team, we highlighted which bootcamps could provide insights to enrich our idea and split them between us in order to share the outcomes.

At the end of my personal window I can say that my expectations were exceeded: in particular, I ended up the bootcamp with a fresh new approach to the data I have to deal with in my job, applying the tools I learned to use to real problems and collecting new results. Moreover, this awareness triggered an interest to delve into the topic on my own, exploiting the solid structure of knowledge offered by the course.

Furthermore, some of the insights into the most recent technology and the strategy to get the most out of it was a game-changer for the project work: I was able to find out how to improve our business idea by optimizing the cost structure while reducing the amount of data to be treated.

Eventually, I met many other MIP students, especially those enrolled in the Full-Time MBA whom we had had few opportunities to meet in person due to the pandemic: I found among them the same target of builders of the future that I experience among my colleagues, nurturing my awareness of the potential of opportunities of the alumni network.

In the end, I think that the personal window is a hint of the mindset we have to maintain in our future, right after the graduation: we need to scan the opportunities out there and choose the ones that fit best to set the pace of our career and drive our projects.

22 September 2021

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