24 May 2023

The Man with a Plan


Sergii Markovsky has a motto – carpe diem. Having gleaned experience in the finance sector, Sergii was ready to move on to pastures new, so when an opportunity arose to make a leap of faith, he didn’t waste any time. Sergii knew his own mind and grabbed the chance to enroll in an EMBA at POLIMI GSoM and, despite being caught up in the terrible events in Ukraine, he managed to keep on track and fulfil his ambitions.

  • What led you to your choice of an Executive MBA? Was your decision based on a specific ambition and consequent longer-term plan?

Having had several years of experience in finance, by the time I decided to embark on the EMBA I was looking to transition from banking into a corporate role. By that time, my inclination was tending towards working with something more tangible than financial services  ̶  I wanted to be handling an actual “product”.

The opportunity arose to take some time out because of changes the management structure was undergoing at my previous employer  ̶  it felt like the ideal time to act. I took the decision to enroll at POLIMI GSoM and study for an EMBA, knowing that by strengthening my management skills I would be putting myself in the position of being able to move into a corporate career.

I am now advisor to the CEO of a company in the Industrial sector, which means that I am involved in international matters such as international strategic cooperation, so I am responsible for relations with international institutions.

  • So did your EMBA studies make it possible for you to take on this new role?

The Executive MBA proved important to me for various reasons. Firstly, in terms of establishing relations with colleagues who have completely different backgrounds from mine, as they come from production companies or engineering.

On top of that, the content of the EMBA programme came as a welcome surprise; it led to the acquisition of a great deal of new information, even in the field of finance, in which I already had extensive experience.

All the knowledge I developed on aspects of production and engineering are really helping me now, in my new role.

  • During the Executive MBA, war broke out in Ukraine. How did you cope?

When the war started I had to work on territorial defence for two months, taking care of refugees, keeping the peace, and being involved in conflict management with the population. However, as I was working shifts, I was still able to attend all the elective courses needed for the Master. That really helped me to cope with the stress of war. The “human capital” side of the Master was very important to me, and I felt sorry I could not travel more to meet my colleagues in person. Unfortunately, I missed out on the bootcamps and the Silicon Valley trip, which was a real shame!

  • What can you tell us about your experience of the final Project Work?

I think that the project work was very important for me. Alongside my classmate, Fabio, I worked on a business plan to develop a real idea for a start-up. Specifically, the project included technical aspects relating to the application of 3D printing, and it was useful for me to understand what a complex area this is.

Thank you, Sergii, for sharing your story with us and we wish you all the best for the future. Do keep in touch!

24 May 2023

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