26 November 2018

The value of human interactions and diversity – The MIP Campus experience 

Author: Roberto Niño Betancourt

MIP is part of the Bovisa Campus of the Politecnico di Milano. Its modern architecture contrasts with the traditional Milanese landscape. These contemporary and functional buildings are irrelevant however, if we don’t focus on the primal aspect that makes them special: the human interactions that take place inside them.

MIP is a melting pot of cultures, experiences and points of view. A place of discussion, where collaboration is at the center of the table. This year, we are 61 individuals from five continents, with different skills, talents and stories to tell. Nevertheless, we all share the same dream and aim: to shift our career paths through the intensive experience of a one-year fulltime MBA program.

The Basics in action face-to-face lessons on campus are finally starting. This month we will be attending lectures and company presentations, as well as the “World Business Forum”. But this is not the beginning of the journey, neither the first time most of us have met.

Everything actually started in September, during the Basics in digital phase of the program. We had the opportunity to approach the basic concepts of the 15 subjects that comprise the first half of the program. We watched recorded clips, held discussions with our teachers and peers during Q+A Skype meetings and online forums and attended business and networking conferences on campus. In the meantime, we also started tailoring a plan with the career service team, to define our objectives in preparation for the graduation project and our return to the job market, at the end of the program.

There is no time for boredom while studying at MIP. The pace is fast, nevertheless, the contents and discussions are approachable and enlightening. Thanks to the MIP platform, we were able to collaborate with some of our classmates who were still in their home countries. Social media also helped us to get acquainted and organize fun extracurricular activities in Milan to complement our virtual studies.

During the kick-off ceremony, Prof. Raffaela Bossi Formarini conducted a fun, dynamic exercise with all the MBA Candidates, highlighting the value of diverse relationships and cultural exchange. This was the perfect opportunity to deepen our knowledge of our colleagues, break the ice and learn about each other’s backgrounds and personalities.
These human interactions are definitely the keystone for our collaborations inside and outside MIP. Finding a group of enthusiastic, dedicated, curious and kind classmates has definitely being the greatest surprise I’ve encountered at the beginning of this journey.

Now that we are beginning the Basics in action phase, we are all ready to focus on our individual and collective growth, working towards an exciting future.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, where I will introduce you to some of my fellow MBA classmates…

26 November 2018

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