07 March 2023

Top 10 Online MBAs for Lucrative Jobs in 2023

Author: Seb Murray

The global economy may be headed towards a recession in 2023, but the career outcomes of graduates from the world’s leading Online MBA courses are still strong.

Business schools around the world have launched Online MBAs in larger numbers, following the switch to remote work and study prompted by the Covid pandemic. Graduates of these programs suffered a slowdown in hiring and promotions during the depths of the pandemic, but employment outcomes have rebounded strongly over the past year.

Employment data for Online MBA programs are scarce. Unlike with their full-time MBA programs, business schools do not report career outcomes for graduates of online courses in the same systematic way.

In part, this reflects the different career goals of these two groups of students. Online participants are generally older, and many are seeking to accelerate their careers. On the other hand, full-time students are typically looking for a new job on graduation. […]

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07 March 2023

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