03 June 2024

Angelo Rotolo

Angelo Rotolo - POLIMI GSoM

How was your MBA shaped by the human connections you created during your learning journey?

The MBA journey has been a wonderful human experience as I have had the chance to interact with people with important diversity aspects, but driven by a unique goal: learn, every day, and challenge ourselves to become better and bring positive change in our personal and professional life.

How did your MBA journey help you master skills while balancing your studies with your career? 

The MBA journey enriched my competence in all aspects of my career, either speaking about soft or hard skills. I've had the opportunity to fill the gaps in business management, marketing, strategy and many other topics I was not familiar with. Having a purely technical profile, the MBA completed me and gave me the chance to apply the concepts into my daily work. My management immediately recognized the difference of approach and the skills upgrade.

03 June 2024

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