03 June 2024

Christian Hector Ingaroca Paez

Christian Hector Ingaroca Paez - POLIMI GSoM

At the conclusion of your MBA journey, how do you want to have a positive impact on the organisation you work for?

In the work environment, I would like to apply all the knowledge learned in the master's program. Everything I learned about the business environment, large organizations, manufacturing projects focused on current needs with a strong focus on the European market are very useful tools for my professional profile as an engineer.

What are the main tools you have acquired during the MBA that have helped you become a purposeful leader? 

During the program, I acquired important knowledge related to soft skills that helped me to better understand, control and manage my emotions in any environment, whether professional or personal. I also learned how to manage different personality types in people in order to be able to lead a team focused on achieving objectives.

03 June 2024

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