03 June 2024

Felipe Aguilera Pereyra

Felipe Aguilera Pereyra - POLIMI GSoM

How was your MBA shaped by the human connections you created during your learning journey?

The human connections I made during my MBA were crucial, as the process of identification with my classmates, professors, and mentors deeply shaped my learning journey. Closely relating to their perspectives and experiences expanded my frame of reference and drove my personal and professional growth.

How did your MBA journey help you master skills while balancing your studies with your career? 

My MBA journey was crucial in helping me develop soft skills that enabled me to effectively balance my studies and career. Through the program, I honed communication, collaboration, and leadership abilities that allowed me to manage academic and professional demands. Cultivating problem-solving and decision-making skills was also key to thriving in both realms.

03 June 2024

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