11 June 2024

Giuseppe Zangari

Giuseppe Zangari - POLIMI GSoM

How has the Executive MBA helped you cultivate your capital of human connections with professionals around the world thanks to the distance learning experience?

The Executive MBA's distance learning journey has been a vibrant catalyst for expanding my global network, fueling my passion for diversity and connection. It enabled me to forge deep friendships with professionals worldwide, an example of that is the creation of a Club (Business & Digital Transformation Club) with EMBA peers from Norway and Switzerland, a testament to our shared commitment and enthusiasm for nurturing international bonds.

How did you include the concepts of Purpose and innovation in your professional and personal path?

Immediately after completing my Executive MBA, I stepped into a role as an innovation leader within my business group. In my new role, more or less a year later, I am dedicating myself to developing cutting-edge business solutions for an Italian holding. This transition was fueled by a deep alignment with my purpose, which not only opened new professional avenues but also enhanced my ability to articulate my vision and significantly boosted my effectiveness on the job. Embracing purpose and innovation has been transformative, guiding both my career trajectory and personal growth.

11 June 2024

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