11 June 2024

Kodi Jahfetson

Kodi Jahfetson - POLIMI GSoM

How did the master help you acquire tools that enabled you to face the everyday challenges in your organisation/industry?

I have gained knowledge from some of the top sports personnel in Europe and the world on stadium and team management, day-to-day operations, marketing, law, engineering, and stadium design, while touring Italian sporting infrastructure. This multidisciplinary program has been preparing me to start my career with a molded skill set and well-rounded experience aimed directly towards the sports venue design and management world.

How has the specialising master helped you cultivate your capital of human connections with professionals and companies?

By brining in some of the top-level professionals from various backgrounds into the classroom, we are able to interact with them during the course and after as well. If our career goals/paths, ambitions match up with the company.

11 June 2024

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