03 April 2023

Maria Nicoletta Cannata

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How would you describe your study programme?

MEM allows you to broaden your knowledge of energy sector management, with courses covering energy markets and infrastructures, sustainability and energy transition related to the management of energy efficiency and renewable sources, plus technical engineering and its competitive dynamics and innovative opportunities.

How would you describe your overall experience at our School?

The choice of the Master in “Energy Management” allowed me to differentiate and enrich my profile. It allowed me to complete my training and acquire the necessary preparation in the managerial sector and consolidate my skills and my vision in the energy market.
The Master was a great way to share my knowledge with other students and learn new ones thanks, also, to the highly qualified teachers of the Politecnico di Milano and the professional experiences of the BIP consultants.
The experiences that have taken place both in the classroom and, still today, in the company have proved useful for professional growth, but above all personal growth. The skills assimilated in the classroom allowed me to face the internship period in Italgas with a greater awareness of the dynamics taking place in the gas distribution sector and its related innovations in anticipation of a green future.
Teamwork and the current project work allow me to improve my problem solving and decision-making skills, but above all to carry out good teamwork.
Corporate testimonials allowed me to expand networking and to interact with industry experts.
Attending the Master has been an excellent way to boost my career by improving my skills and opportunities.

03 April 2023

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