03 April 2023

Merry Le


How would you describe your study programme?

Fully immersive and international. I also attended two exchange weeks in Mexico and China.

How would you describe your overall experience at our School?

Overall enjoyable, humbling, and fast-paced. I was impressed by the organization and preparations by faculty and staff from the handbook and procedural documents to help prepare me for the move to Italy onwards. My main challenge was having enough time to prepare all the documents once I’d been accepted, and understanding all the online courses in such a short time while working full-time. I was pleased with my visit prior to enrollment while I was deciding on a program/school. Some subjects scratched the surface and were more introductory, such as big data, finance, going global, and digital transformation, however others like supply chain management, cost accounting, soft skills and design thinking went deeper, and I really learned a lot. I also really liked the live company lectures and active learning which were super practical and most useful. Examples include: selling with Hilti and Mozzarella co., investor communication with Autogrill, Eli Lilly, Chicco design safari, and presentation skills with a large consulting company.

03 April 2023

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