11 June 2024

Nicolò Montano Parolini

Nicolò Montano Parolini - POLIMI GSoM

How did you benefit from a specialising master after the completion of your university studies?

Undertaking a specialising master in omnichannel marketing at POLIMI GSoM has opened many doors for me, both professionally as well as on a personal level, thanks to the network I was able to build during my time there.

I was able to find my current job at Universal McCann through the master and now I have the opportunity to sit on the other side of the classroom once or twice a year for the IM4 class and most recently, the Polimi Management Engineering class, with my colleagues, to talk about media, our work as an agency and to challenge the students with a business case study to solve.

The knowledge I acquired during my studies at POLIMI GSoM has certainly been a key asset in kickstarting my career, enabling me to quickly get comfortable with the very fast pace of a marketing agency. Being able to grasp the key concepts I was taught from the managing omnichannel marketing, branding, statistics and marketing research classes has been a massive aid in immediately being able to "get things done", without having the need to undertake further training in the company before being put to work.

The leadership and networking side of the master have also been a great help in being able to approach meetings, presentations and prospect searching with a confidence.
Aside from the more strategic and creative side, the analytical and quantitative part of the IM4 master has been pivotal in allowing me to "crunch numbers" and quickly draw conclusions based on data, which is now an integral part of my job when carrying out market, client specific or consumer research.

How did the master help you acquire tools that enabled you to apply the concepts of innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship in your daily work challenges?

Aside from my main job, I've been working on a startup project for the past 6 months; I believe that the concepts of innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship that I learnt throughout the IM4 master have certainly been a motivator for me to undertake this challenge with confidence, as well as empowering my approach on key decisions to bear in mind concepts drawing from these 3 areas.

When working on new business pitches at my job, the frameworks for innovation and entrepreneurship that I learnt by working on marketing case studies and projects during my master have provided me with a great toolbelt for quickly identifying the challenges, constraints and objectives within a brief. More than just that, to think critically, outside the box and propose creative solutions to craft ad-hoc proposals, integrating my own storytelling abilities and creative frameworks in each presentation, for every prospect.

11 June 2024

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