03 April 2023

Roberto Camagni


How would you describe your study programme?

A truly inspirational journey.
It has been an amazing and enriching experience, useful for completing my background and for better understanding the logic and the reasons behind management decisions. It provided the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as business professionals.
I consider it as a valuable investment in myself, one which has not finished with the end of the program, but is still ongoing thanks to the growth mindset I have acquired and the ability to generate an effective network.

How would you describe your overall experience at our School?

The first big emotion was the enrollment in the MBA at POLIMI GSoM, considering that the idea of attending an MBA had been in my mind for a long time.
At the beginning, my major concern was the ability to balance family, job and this demanding new challenge  ̶  and time management has been an important lesson learned on my journey.
I still remember the first assignment presented, that marked an important milestone and the full consciousness that this journey would require commitment and dedication. And now, at the end of the program, I strongly believe that every single minute devoted to this experience was well spent.
But this is not the end but a new beginning, also thanks to the Alumni community that will keep the MBA spirit constantly alive.

03 April 2023

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