10 July 2024

Samantha Williams

Samantha Williams - POLIMI GSoM

At the conclusion of your MBA journey, how do you want to have a positive impact on the organisation you work for?

At the conclusion of my MBA journey, I aim to positively impact my organization by leveraging the comprehensive business skills and global perspectives gained from diverse courses in finance, strategy, and leadership. My experience in people-centered and innovative courses has equipped me to manage teams effectively and drive strategic initiatives. Additionally, the extensive networking opportunities and international exposure have prepared me to navigate and lead in a global business environment.

What are the main tools you have acquired during the MBA that have helped you become a purposeful leader? 

The MBA provided me with essential tools such as advanced business skills in finance, strategy, and leadership, gained through engaging and diverse coursework. People-centered courses like negotiation and organizational design have enhanced my ability to manage and inspire teams. Additionally, the program's strong emphasis on networking and global perspectives has prepared me to lead with purpose and navigate complex business environments.

10 July 2024

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