11 June 2024

Stefan Bauer

Stefan Bauer - POLIMI GSoM

How did the master help you acquire tools that enabled you to face the everyday challenges in your organisation/industry?

Through my journey in the global executive master in operations and supply chain management (gemos), i not only gained invaluable knowledge but also cultivated the expertise to seamlessly bridge theory and practice. Armed with a deep understanding of supply chain dynamics and enriched by dissecting real-world company cases, i've unlocked the key to orchestrating efficient, agile, and resilient operations.

How has the specialising master helped you cultivate your capital of human connections with professionals and companies?

What I absolutely appreciated during the program was the opportunity to meet with likeminded people who share the same passion for Operations and Supply Chain Management. This helped to further enhance a network of fellow students, professors and company contacts that I absolutely benefit from in both my job and my personal development.

11 June 2024

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