10 July 2024

Susanna Termini

Susanna Termini - POLIMI GSoM

How did you benefit from a specialising master after the completion of your university studies?

The International Master in Sustainability Management & Corporate Social Responsibility allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and their application in corporate management. This program provided me with the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in areas such as innovation management, sustainable development, business ethics, and stakeholder engagement activities.

Moreover, the program allowed me to develop practical skills through hands-on experiences, an approach that provided me with the necessary equipment to navigate the job market. These experiences allowed me to apply the theoretical concepts I learnt in class to real-world scenarios, gaining valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses aiming at sustainability.

In a nutshell, the combination of theoretical learning and practical experiences provided by the Master's program has significantly enriched my understanding of sustainability management and prepared me to contribute effectively to the development of sustainability strategies of organizations.

Last but not least, POLIMI GSoM has opened doors to a wide range of job opportunities in the sustainability field, allowing me to explore diverse career paths and giving the start to my professional journey.

How did the master help you acquire tools that enabled you to apply the concepts of innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship in your daily work challenges?

The International Master in Sustainability Management & Corporate Social Responsibility introduced me to various innovation frameworks and methodologies, which equipped me with structured approaches to problem-solving and encouraged a mindset of continuous improvement and creativity, allowing me to accompany the innovative transformation of organizations.

Throughout the program, I gained valuable insights on the development and implementation of sustainability strategies, integrating environmental, social, and economic principles into business operations, which I use everyday in my work as an ESG Strategy and Accounting Consultant at an international law firm.

Moreover, the Master provided me with deep knowledge of reporting frameworks, including GRI, ESRS, and other relevant standards. Furthermore, collaboration with peers from diverse backgrounds exposed me to different perspectives and approaches to addressing complex challenges, which improved by ability to tailor my approach to the clients' needs.

To conclude, the Master also provided me with technical knowledge, including responsible management of supply chains, which was necessary in my previous function as a Sustainability Specialist in a Logistics and Transportation multinational company. 

10 July 2024

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