03 April 2023

Valeria Sava


How would you describe your study programme?

The programme is oriented to everyone who wants to get better in understanding how to manage a business from different points of view: financial, managerial, innovation etc. My study programme is divided in: independent study, as reading of lectures, books that are recommended, watching videoclips and other videos that help me understand the material of the course. The second part, more fun and interactive, is represented by the class, which takes every Thursday and Friday (optional participation). In the class, I absorb the material, ask questions and engage with my peers. We discuss business cases, course scenarios, and enjoy sharing thoughts on the overall presentation of the course and its application in real life work, each of us does.  Apart form the individual study and group study, we have a VideoForum, where we can exchange different opinions on a common problem, presented usually by the tutor. The beauty of the videoforum is that, it sparks really interesting conversation between us.  This programme is intense, engaging, interesting and very flexible.  Intense – there are a lot of contents to be absorbed in a short period of time, and that required energy and interest from our side.  Engaging – it’s a pleasure exchanging opinions based on what we learn in the class and interact with between us, it’s a real joy, as each comes with a different expertise.  Interesting and flexible: these are 2 criteria based on which people are choosing a programme these days, and it makes a lot of sense to participate  and learn, whenever we have time. This is something I love about this programme.

How would you describe your overall experience at our School?

Great experience – lots of learnings from all the courses, but also lots of knowledge shared and insights exchanged between myself and my peers. There is huge value in having a diverse class, coming with great work and life experience, and discussing real-life scenarios.

03 April 2023

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