10 July 2024

Vittoria Stolfi

Vittoria Stolfi - POLIMI GSoM

How did you benefit from a specialising master after the completion of your university studies?

Choosing to pursue the International Master in Media and Communication Management (IMMCM) was a strategic step that significantly contributed to advancing my career. This master’s program goes beyond traditional education, offering a blend of rigorous academic training and real-world industry experience that is essential for thriving in today’s fast-paced media and communication landscape.

IMMCM provided me with invaluable benefits that significantly enhanced my career trajectory. Firstly, the program's focus on the rapid evolution of media and communication industries equipped me with cutting-edge knowledge and skills that are highly relevant in today's dynamic market. The integration of theoretical expertise with practical, action-based teaching methods allowed me to apply my learning in real-world scenarios effectively.

Moreover, the opportunity to learn directly from leading practitioners and industry experts was instrumental in bridging the gap between academic concepts and professional practice. The insights and mentorship from esteemed professionals along with representatives from top companies were invaluable in shaping my understanding of the industry's nuances and demands.

In summary, the IMMCM program equipped me with the latest industry knowledge, practical skills, and professional connections necessary to excel in the competitive field of media and communication. For anyone looking to advance their career and make a significant impact in this dynamic industry, I highly recommend joining this master’s program.

How did the master help you acquire tools that enabled you to apply the concepts of innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship in your daily work challenges?

The International Master in Media and Communication Management (IMMCM) was instrumental in equipping me with the necessary tools to integrate innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship into my daily work at the European Space Agency.

The program’s comprehensive curriculum and practical approach to learning have had a profound impact on my professional development in these key areas.

Firstly, the IMMCM’s focus on contemporary topics such as metaverse marketing, influencer marketing, and content strategy provided me with a forward-thinking mindset essential for driving innovation. This exposure to cutting-edge concepts enabled me to stay ahead of industry trends and apply innovative strategies in my work.

The program also placed significant emphasis on sustainability, thanks to which I gained a thorough understanding of how to incorporate sustainable practices into communication strategies. Learning about the latest trends and the role of communication in promoting sustainability has provided me with the knowledge and tools to support and advocate for sustainable practices within my organization.

Moreover, the IMMCM fostered an entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging creative thinking and innovative problem-solving. The action-based teaching methods provided hands-on experience in addressing real-world challenges. These experiences honed my critical and strategic thinking skills, which have been invaluable in driving projects and initiatives requiring entrepreneurial insight. Notably, my final thesis project led to the creation of a startup, demonstrating the practical application of the entrepreneurial principles I learned during the program.

In my current position at the European Space Agency, I regularly apply the principles of innovation and sustainability learned during my master’s program. Whether it's developing communication strategies that emphasize environmental stewardship or leading projects that drive organizational change, the skills and knowledge acquired from the IMMCM have been foundational in enabling me to navigate and excel in the rapidly evolving media and communication landscape.

10 July 2024

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