Our heritage

Our school was created more than 40 years ago,

and we are proud of the heritage we have built as MIP Politecnico di Milano, creating an identity that has become synonymous with the highest quality technical and analytical management training that is internationally recognised.


Our name

Our new name, POLIMI Graduate School of Management, is born from a tradition of academic excellence, melded with a reflection not only of where we are based but also how we are part of the city of Milan and how the city is part of us.

Now we have evolved, and so have our identity and name, opening a new chapter. Our new name reflects the specialised school we are but also our position within the Politecnico di Milano ecosystemic.


Our brand identity

Our brand identity reflects who we are, who we want to be and how we want to create purposeful connections and experiences.

We are experts in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and we are passionate creators. We inspire transformation and provide the unexpected.
We are human beings, and we are connected minds. We foster genuine, purposeful, and meaningful engagement.
And we actively drive the future, turning our heartfelt spirit into real actions, celebrating proactiveness and measurable impact – through people, the protagonists.


Logo & colours

Starting from who we are, a foundry of experimentation, a place for makers, we designed a language that distils all these unique traits.

The condensed typography, with its practical, functional look that stands out, is rooted in the editorial world and pays homage to the relevant content we create and share every day.

The logotype is a flexible item, characterised by a circular “O” representing the school as the hub, the centre for handmade futures.

The colour palette allows us to express our diverse, human side. The classic Politecnico’s heritage blue is enriched by touches of warm green and brick red, reflecting both our care for the environment we live in and the architectural details of our new Navigli Campus, with an unexpected dusty pink adding a twist of warmth. All these elements support the communication of our school as a foundry of handmade futures.

Our voice

At POLIMI GSoM how we speak to each other, and to others, matter.

When we speak, we so do from the heart because we are genuine and passionate. We are encouraging and respectful, but also a little playful, because we believe in inclusive environments that allow people to push boundaries without judgement. We strive to create seamless interaction and relatable environments through the words we chose.
And because we believe trust is the foundation for success, we think that a nurturing, approachable and equal manner of communicating is fundamental to make, connect and ignite a better future for all.