Our company network

Our purpose says, “We are committed to inspiring and partnering with innovators to shape a better future for all”.
For us, that’s not just a throwaway sentence – it’s the lifeblood of our School. 

But the question is, how? How can we act on this commitment? The possibilities are endless, but one important way is by building and nurturing business world connections. We can’t “inspire” without giving you concrete examples, we can’t talk about the value of a partnership without actually partnering with anyone, and we certainly can’t “shape” the future if you don’t have any opportunities to get directly involved with companies during your training.

Our Shareholders
We are connected with companies – that’s our distinctive trait.

And having companies in our corporate structure is both a source of pride as well as a great chance to gather training suggestions. In fact, those companies are more than just our shareholders, they’re a constant source of inspiration.

Our corporate connections
When thinking about your future studies, business world connections obviously play a key role.

That’s why we tirelessly work to create networking occasions for our students, constantly checking and re-checking our results so we can keep moving forward in such a crucial area.

To do so, we’ve created The Corporate Connections Report, which collects and measures all our connections to the business world that we nurtured between September 2020 and August 2021.

A few key statistics
The benefit for our students is clear.
With us, you’ll have lots of chances to directly interact with companies, through recruiting events, company testimonials and visits, as well as through networking with your classmates, who are often professionals themselves. Every year, we create about 9,000 connections for our students and we’re continually working to make that number higher. 
companies involved in career development activities for our students
hours of lessons given by managers/entrepreneurs/specialists
companies involved in curricular activities, in direct contact with our students
projects completed in collaboration with companies
hours of in-company visits/testimonials/business challenges
companies that have started applied research and advisory projects with our faculty
companies that have carried out business training courses with our support
Corporate Education Community
For us, all the companies in our network are a constant source of inspiration.

That’s why we decided to create the Corporate Education Community, an initiative backed by ASFOR (the Italian Association for Managerial Training) and AIDP Lombardia (Associazione Italiana dei Direttori del Personale). This is a network of innovative companies in the field of corporate training, working towards identifying the main trends and challenges in Corporate Education.

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