Our International Network

For an institution like POLIMI Graduate School of Management, being international means creating contacts that can generate value.

Working with our partners, we offer international opportunities to those who study with us and initiatives that benefit the entire community. These are the pillars underpinning our strategy of creating a truly global environment.

A few key numbers

degree partners in 9 countries
exchange partners in 14 countries
programme partners in 6 countries
Exchange Courses
Enrich your educational experience

If you are on one of our full time MBAs, EMBAs or specialising master’s courses, one of the best ways to look out onto the world is to tap into our school’s extensive international network and study abroad for up to two weeks. You will be able to complete your studies with courses taught at our partner business schools and universities and, as an additional benefit, expand your personal and professional network.

Create a more interesting CV by studying topics that supplement the material included in your programme and explore different methodological approaches with your international peers; a solid groundwork of knowledge and experience is the best way to form connections with stimulating and like-minded people at our partner institutions.

Double Degree Programmes
Be awarded two or more degrees

Double degree programmes are prepared in collaboration with partner universities and business schools. You take courses in two or more institutions, mainly in Europe, and will be awarded two or more degrees when you complete your course.

We mainly offer two types of double degrees:

Single programme lasting at least one year, where you spend one semester at our partner institution and one semester with us, with close integration across the material taught in the two locations. At the end of your programme, you will receive a degree from our partner institution plus the 1st level specialising master’s degree awarded by Politecnico di Milano.

A “1+1” double degree format, which consists in two distinct programmes. Once you complete your first year of our master’s programme, you can spend your second year at a partner business school or university, and you will receive a second degree alongside the 1st level specialising master’s degree awarded by Politecnico di Milano. Students at the partner institution are offered the same option, and at the end of their first year, they can complete their studies by taking specific master’s courses at PoliMI GSoM and receive a 1st level specialising master’s degree, alongside the degree awarded by their own institution.

Double Degree Opporunities

In both double degree options, we have set up collaboration agreements with our partner institutions for the specific master’s degrees in question.


Our “study tours” for international universities and business schools offer a teaching programme that covers the main business management topics and the cutting-edge advances in this area, and much more.

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