Our “study tours” for international universities and business schools offer a teaching programme that covers the main business management topics and the cutting-edge advances in this area, and much more.

We apply a hands-on approach that draws on our firmly established experience in education and our direct involvement and knowledge of both the market and Italy’s production and services systems.


What are our study tours?

Our study tours are an immersive experience in Milan. 

They are a mix of in-class lessons, experiential sessions with presentations by professionals and managers, company visits, and cultural events where participants can discover our city.

Planned as a vertical programme, our study tours explore the fields where our School and Politecnico di Milano have acknowledged expertise. The programme lasts from 3 to 10 days, and each day is split into two three-hour sessions, covering specialist advanced content, real study case analyses and company presentations; participants will also go on company visits. All those taking part will learn more about the distinctive features of the various markets, and will be able to make informed comparisons with their own reality.

Modules can be combined so that participants can cover a range of topics or explore a single subject in depth.

The programme draws on the close links between our faculty and the world of industry and services, with connections consolidated over many years of research and consultancy.

A selection of our study tours:

  • The New Frontiers of Industry 4.0 & Italian Luxury Brands;
  • The Digital Transformation & Innovation: the Italian Luxury Framework;
  • Information Technology for Supply Chain Management;
  • The Italian way to Fintech;
  • The Italian way to Digital Transformation;
  • The Italian way to Sustainability.

Digital Study Tour

Our know-how in digital learning, our extensive videoclip library and our ability to join up with our corporate partners to organise digital company visits mean that our study tours are also online.

This facility allows us to meet the demands of business schools across the world, offering study tours that are more inclusive and accessible, bearing in mind both the restrictions of recent years and the needs of those who, for various reasons, are unable to travel.

The programme can also be designed in a hybrid format, consisting of an online part interspaced by an in-presence part of several days with a thematic focus.

A selection of our online study tours:

  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Lean Start-ups


International Relations

Email: internationalrelations@gsom.polimi.it