We nurture innovators to shape a better future
for all.

This is our purpose, our guiding light – our north star. 

In an ever-changing society which faces many challenges, we are guided by the overarching belief that we have an important role to play in shaping a better world for all.


We have committed to being an agent of change

We believe education will have a key role in preparing business leaders to contribute to address the most pressing challenges our society is confronted with,

and that is why we have committed to being an agent of change – we want to be globally recognised as the most innovative and committed business school in building a responsible society, a stance that we clearly reflect in our strategy and vision. We strive to think outside the box, take risks to achieve our goals and create innovative innovative environments where we work together, and with others, respectfully, giving and earning trust.

At POLIMI GSoM we are continuously developing this by tapping into the discipline of purpose and other humanities, creating a model that is guided by a higher purpose, reflection and human centricity that puts people and the creation of a better future for everyone at the centre of their actions.

Universities and Business Schools can play a strong role as an agent of change. I think that all Institutions should become aware of the difference they can make, training managers capable of picking up the challenge of shaping a better future for all.

Federico Frattini, Dean

Our values


Passionate Innovators

As we think outside the box and we act as the engine of change


Caring Partners

Because we work together respectfully and build trust across the organization


Humble Professionals

Accepting ownership, responsibility and accountability


Be inspired by articles, podcasts and videos, which can energise your creativity and wish to innovate, stimulating you to seek for a deeper understanding and meaning in all your actions. Here are the ingredients in our recipe for tomorrow.

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